Thursday, January 29, 2015

A journey in photographs — VI

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We are back again. The usual collection of 15 photographs, from the lengths and breadths of the country. Some of these have been clicked by me; others have been donated; and I have nicked a few shamelessly.

If you think I had nicked one from you, do not spare me: just drop a comment or email, and you will be duly acknowledged. If you have copyright on something, do not sue me; instead, just let me know, I will take the picture down (and dislike you forever).

Exhibit 1: I saw this on the door of a GoAir coach. I found the warning a legitimate one. Coach doors are obviously not expected to operate — but what if one does? Why take a risk?

Exhibit 2: I do not remember clicking this, so if it someone else, please own up. I have seldom found a notice that does a discrimination strange enough to match this one. Why would someone stop all women and all salesmen from entering? Is this a residence for impoverished gynophobic males?

Exhibit 3: Once again, my memory eludes me — did I click this one? Anyway, this one needs no explanation, barring the MRP bit. I wonder what the MRPs were (do note they offer discounts as well.)

Exhibit 4: At the Indian Coffee House, College Street, no less. This looks ordinary, but I think I should mention here that we were seated on a table next to this sign. Photo courtesy: Prabirendra.

Exhibit 5: This was clicked by me, and if I remember correctly, at Harvey's on Kasba Connector, Kolkata. I asked for tender lion, but all they could offer was tenderloin. Sigh.

Exhibit 6: Courtesy Priyanka. There are two signs here. One of them can give me a theft-proof house; can anyone tell me where to contact these guys?

Exhibit 7: I think this was at one of the Connectors, either Park Circus or Kasba or Jadavpur Thana, in Kolkata. I wonder whether how they test for pre-meal ejaculation.

Exhibition 8: One of my clicks, but I do not remember where I clicked this. While I understand referring to a newly opened establishment as "fresh", the "juicy" bit of it eludes me.

Exhibition 9: Courtesy Sanmarga (-da). The location is on the bill — but what is age biryani supposed to mean? Old animals' meat...?

Exhibition 10: Received this on WhatsApp (from whom?). This can no way be called photography, but I could not resist sharing. Also, in case you are missing the dulcet voice that owned the 1990s, here is a clip, just for you.

Exhibition 11: Opposite Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. A beauty saloon dedicated to hooligans from Hollywood, I presume.

Exhibition 12: I do not remember anything about this, and neither do I want to. If you remember sending this to me, own up. If you want to know more, they have a number.

Exhibition 13: Clicked at one of the exhibits in South City Mall, Kolkata. I still do not know whether Biba rode her ward or whether it was the other way round.

Exhibit 14: The Calcutta YMCA website is now defunct, so I think I am fortunate in the sense that I had taken a screenshot (you can see the URL). Did this man give the massage?

Exhibition 15: This one was doing rounds on social media during Lok Sabha Elections, 2014. I do not think this needs explanation.