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To all those who have been wondering how you can help to help an impoverished blogger and a wannabe author, here's your chance.

No, I am not asking for hard cash here. That's something philistines do - asking cash from honest, trusting followers. That is something that I will once I have a book published, in which case I will do something as severe as writing college romance stories on my blog unless my book sales reaches the desired target.

I am asking for something that will smell, sound, and feel like I'm an intellectual, which I actually am. This, however, is a chance for you to smell, sound, and feel like one as well.

The first step, of course, is to go here or here. This, as I have mentioned above, can be your first step towards attaining immortality in my life. I will never forget your contribution, and may as well end up mentioning it as well somewhere in print.

Of course, you will be stuck after you reach a certain point. That is where you will need to know information of a certain kind, in which case you can always email me. If you want, I can keep your identity disclosed.

Here is a lifetime opportunity for you to redeem yourself for all the crimes you have committed in your life. Remember that ant you had squashed? Remember the mosquito you had slapped to death? Remember that cleavage you had ogled at? Remember that exam when you had actually cheated? Remember that time when you had actually wanted to protest, but couldn't, out of fear?

Now is your time. Don't wait. Act. Share. Donate. Change the world. It always begins with one man. Remember, I don't smoke, drink, drive, sing, paint, steal, dance, or eat raw tomatoes - so you'll end up promoting multiple causes with just a small series of clicks.

The world will remember you. Your name shall be etched in the annals of mankind forever. Nubile members of your preferred gender will be lurking at every corner, ready to pounce upon you. Most importantly, you may even end up being happy.

Remember, donations are cool. Generous donations are cooler. And if they involve a Fardeen Khan fan, it's simply out of the world. Anonymous comments, on the other hand, are not.

List of contributors till date:
1. Amrita Sen, a charming lady with a golden heart, and an old acquaintance of mine, who, unfortunately, resides in a distant city these days. We have had a common significant day in our otherwise insignificant lives - a day neither of us will probably be able to forget.
2. Kausik Datta, the owner of a very large heart trapped inside an even larger body. He makes merry in Maryland, and is a microbiologist (hence remarkably cool) by day. He has been gracious enough to contribute to the noble cause.
3. Shakuntala Khan Bhaduri, that lovely friend from Florida, has come with something scrumptious yet again. May the stars shine upon her family (which involves, rather surprisingly, a lot of canines).
4. Diptee Raut, who changed the disdain with which I typically used to treat HR people, has come to my aid. She gets the fourth entry on the list. I wonder who else will make it to the Top Five?
5. (name undisclosed on personal request), a very tall, once physically fit, and old acquaintance who is on his way to the top of a successful career at a breakneck speed. An epitome of camaraderie, he is not really a person I'd forget easily. So that's the Top Five - are you sure you don't want to make it to the Top Ten?
6. Chaitali Sen, the human encyclopedia, has been kind enough to contribute as well. Not only am I honoured to know her personally, it is also an honour to receive a gift from her as well.
7. Parama Ghosh, the vivacious lawyer who knows the nooks and corners of my city more than I do and is in a blind love of sorts with the word 'ok', has also added to her qualities by being charitable to the needy, thereby proving all notions about her profession wrong.
8. Ranjini Ghosh Chakraborty, the Boston belle, a Canadian by heart, an excellent cook, a wannabe politician who would definitely go on to change the world, and a woman with an infectious laughter, has turned out to be the eighth name on the list.
9. Mohua Roy, that gracefully ageing woman who never hesitates to offer a helping hand, whether personally or professionally, is the ninth name here. Are you sure you don't want to be number ten? Think hard.
10. (name undisclosed on personal request), a kid who claims he has been impressed; makes me feel proud; I guess the 15th person on the list will also prefer to remain anonymous.
11. The effervescent Sinjini Sengupta, the proud Bodyi, has so gracefully agreed to become the eleventh name on this coveted list. It seems that there are still good people in the world.
12. The cool, smart Anirban Guha, the encyclopaedia of Gurgaon and upcoming ace movie director, has decided to contribute as well. What are you waiting for?
13. The suave Anuradha Sengupta - a generous South Kolkatan - has made up her mind to join the bandwagon as well: who said thirteen should be considered an unlucky number?
14. Rishiraj Bhattacharya, one of the most erudite personalities you would come across, has consented from far Europe. What are you thinking?
15. It has been ages since I have added to the list; only recently has Rohon Kuddus, an extremely enterprising author, illustrator, and publisher, consented to be a part of this list. How cool is that?
16. Amritorupa Kanjilal, ace book reviewer with an exceptional sense of humour, features here by virtue of her generosity, which, as the world is aware of, knows no bounds.
17. Debleena Roy (who still hovers seamlessly between Roy and Majumdar, much to the confusion of the world) has been magnanimous enough to contribute to the elite list.
18. It came as a surprise when Subhasree Nag from a faraway land mentioned that she wanted to be a part of the list as well. Some people are too wonderful for comfort, are they not?
19. She refuses to be called part-Bengali, but Malavika Save Patel has shown sufficient traits of being one. She has been generous enough to add her name to the list.
20. Indrani Bhattacharyya, a pencil-thin Canadian who runs a blog called pencil, is the 20th name on the list. What are you waiting for?
21. Dr Reshma Nayak (she is immensely proud of the 'Dr' bit) is as generous a colleague and neighbour as its gets; she has also been kind enough to lend her name to the list.

Special mention: Flipkart has sent me a Rs 500 voucher immediately after this was posted, thanks to my participation in this contest.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Where's that conscience of yours?

Update: Accepting gift vouchers now as well!

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