Saturday, November 20, 2010

A whole new world

A few months back I was chatting to a friend online, when she made a typo: instead of typing
she typed

I pointed out that it looked as if she was smiling with her glasses on her forehead. Little did I know that this would go on to make me think a lot and open up new avenues for me in my idle time.

I had always wanted to make a list of these: now that my brain is too clogged up with stuff and is hence too tired to do anything really fruitful I suppose I should churn these out. No, wait a moment, I've been suffering from a blogger's block (doesn't that sound a whole lot cooler?)!

This list is dedicated to all those who would love to combine the simplicities of Google Talk to this whole new world:
Real characters:
\:-|       Bhagat Singh
:-|        Suniel Shetty
B-|        Chris Gayle 
99.94      Don Bradman
:-(|       Ashutosh Mukherjee 
3j (* +    Sachin Tendulkar
<:-|       C V Raman 
@8-<)      Manmohan Singh 
:-<<       Merv Hughes 
8-P        Daniel Vettori
:-P        Brad Hogg
c|:-(|     Charlie Chaplin 
c|B-|      Darryl Harper 
S:-D       Shashi Kapoor
||:-O      S Sreesanth
3:--|      Julius Caesar 
c|:-A      Geoffrey Boycott

c)-:-)S    Shiva
:~         Ganesh
@S:-)X     Medusa
-o-[E]     Cyclops
]C:-<      Mahishasur
<->-)      Durga at Maddox Square/Baghbazar
(-:-)      Durga elsewhere
?-:-P      Kali
3| -<|     Dhritarashtra
||-)       Gandhari
::: .      Shakuni and Yudhishthir
-O O-      Bhim and Duryodhan
<}-> <-{>  Arjun and Karna
*. *. *. .. ..
           Draupadi's five sons with their fathers
>c|b-<     Odin 
: O (      Shurpanakha

Other fiction:
~:-o       Tintin
$:-))      Uncle Scrooge
#:-D       Archie Andrews
3:-D       Jughead Jones
`8-)       Harry Potter
:  |       Lord Voldemort
}B-)       Batman
B-         Spiderman
~8-D       Aladdin's Genie
<B-<>=     Albus Dumbledore 
C|>)       Shikari Sambhu
3|:-<]     King Lear 
c|:-)      Cornelius Fudge 
c|:-|u     Sherlock Holmes
c|:-}|     Hercule Poirot

7:-)       Amrish Puri in Damini
:O>        Hamm in Toy Story

+{|        Chess King
3|         Chess Queen

? -|| *    Communist Party of India (Marxist)
||:-|      Iyer
=:-|       Iyengar
~[:-D      graduate student 
b-D        pirate 
<:-9       kid at a birthday party

23         Complan
C  (  |  ) VLCC
~  ===     Viagra
o>-<  zzz  Valium
||  DD     Silicone implant
|}  <}->   Hamdard ka tonic Cinkara

:=X        Danger, 440 Volts

:-8        tiger
}: >       moose
): >       sambar
]: >       elk
>: >       antelope
]: >====== giraffe
:[E]       hippopotamus
>: 0       cow
:o<        walrus
W  o       crocodile
<O         pigeon
cO         duck
=O         platypus
--O        heron
----O"     hoopoe
>O         crow
-O"        rooster

... and I shall keep appending, as and when I think of new ones.


  1. he he he!!!!! new world, new language, new expression...

  2. Ha ha ha! Some of them are truelly good :P

  3. This blog is an amazing, amazing collection of extremely witty/funny/clever pieces thought of by an extremely creative/intelligent person ("/" = "&"). Truly one of its kind, and it's great to know that at least one of us has kept his TH Clue-setter Hat on, for the last ten years. Keeps the rest of us in line!

    Very clever expressions - but I will be subjective, and object :) to one of them: I would have thought Poirot's moustache was { instead of } (having seen David Suchet, you know)... In any case, great stuff!

  4. some of them my tiny brain could not make out, but, for them, who are identified, I feel like clapping!! u deserve 'Sabashi'!!

  5. @ Anonymous 1: He isn't. He never was.

  6. 8-( Abhishek da's expression when he considers something as "vague"

    I will make lot of people read this for sure..
    :-{ or }-: is Rajkumar.

    Awesome post

  7. Apoorva, check Suchet here:
    What say, } or {?

    Adrijo, :-{ as Rajkumar is fine. If I allowed myself }-: I would have indulged myself in bigger things. >c:)< - Asterix, for example. I could always make it a >(:-<, but the nose REALLY isn't Gaulish.

  8. :Osome post ! Will degenerate some of my own brain cells to invent more of these...

  9. 101 bar prosob korar por ki Gandhari " ||-) " thakben?? " ||-( " hoye jaben naa?????...

    besh bhalo, meaning innovative...anek guloi tan khelam jodio......

  10. exact connotations of some symbols r unfathomable.... rest r just fantabulous..

  11. Several people have mentioned that some smileys couldn't be deciphered, and they were more or less agreeing on one. So, here we go:
    3j is a poor representation of Om. That, along with (* and +, represent the three main religions, hence secularism. And don't we all know that in the past fifty years only one man has been able to unite India, making her forget all religious issues? Haven't people huddled in small clubrooms and in front of streetside TV shops, forgetting their religions, impatient at why the 50th isn't arriving?

  12. Oh!!! just darun. Kono katha habe na.

  13. Duronto!!!!!! shob jodio bujhloom na!

  14. bah!! darun! patent kore nio...
    chatting world e tumi always memorable hoye thakbe...
    amar to darun kaaje laagbe...[::-)]

  15. Simply awesome...Particularly Manmohan singh and Chris Gayle

  16. ===========================!

  17. O anonymous, who are you, and what does OOSM mean?

  18. Hi Hi Hi.... I LIke I Like :D :) - Sougata