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Sunday, August 12, 2012

WTF, Jo?

Dear Joanne:

Things are not right.

I know you're not aware of this, but that scarred teenager in glasses has been a substantial part of my last decade. I have spent a lot of hard cash, and more importantly, a significant amount of time following, revising, discussing, writing about and - shudders - thinking about the boy and his mates.

I would have accepted things if it had stopped there. It didn't. You ended up inspiring the next generation as well. And as she starts her seamless transition from the world of Muggles to that of magic, I see (and dread) very familiar traits.

She follows.

She revises.

She discusses. With me.

She thinks.

She's a bit scared to go to Hogwarts if an owl actually turns up in 2015 because there might be more three-headed dogs or basilisks lurking around. But at the same time, you can see the gleam of hope in her eyes.

You had spoiled me about a decade back. You are spoiling the next generation now. It's just not right.

Why, Joanne? Why did you have to do this to the two of us?


PS: You must have noticed that I haven't mentioned writing. She might end up doing the same, though. But that doesn't mean she hasn't been pursuing other avenues. You can see an example below (yes, I know it's not called a Sniff, and there are grammatical errors).
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  1. How nice! Does this mean she's gone through Mallory Towers, Five Find-Outers, and so on?

  2. Aaha!:D What's her age?

  3. Its not just the next generation.... its generations to come that are going to be swearing by Harry and his friends and believing in the coexistence of a magical world.... Loved Rubus artwork... and this post too... :)

  4. You Sir,will remain a baby.
    Your daughter,au contraire,was born a has your wifey's genes.

    1. You, Sir/Madam, will continue to remain anonymous, and hence your words, however insightful, would carry less value to me than they probably should have.

  5. She's wonderful at "MS Paint"! At her age I hadn't even touched a computer, n till date my paintings in the office software r worse than any infant's doodle

  6. I have always thought and told you, she is just like you. And nothing will change her, trust me. She has inherited it all. She is born with it. :)

    And Madame there is always very curious about your wife . And always refers her as "wifey". And look how she has picked up a new french word. Aww.

    And this anonymous has a name. Its Cu.



  8. The only better thing for the youngsters of my next generation is 'Harry and his friends'!