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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Is baar, Modi Sarkar

Dear Mr Modi:

I could not vote this time. It's not that I did not want to, but since I stay in a city far, far away from the address indicated on my Voter's ID card and air-ticket prices often tend to go over the roof and to-and-fro train journeys would have taken up a chunk of my trip, I could not make it. Or rather, I chose not to make it. I did not do my bit as a responsible citizen. Also, I'm apolitical, but that has nothing to do with my not voting.

Congratulations, though. You had laid a plan, had the machinery to back it, have made sure everything was executed to perfection, and you have ensured Tropicana's launch of a new product called Congress juice (with pulp).

But this is a serious letter. Seriously serious. I mean it.

Being an ordinary person, I can only guess, but not feel the glory you are basking in. As they keep on saying, though, is that getting to the top is more difficult than staying there. Ask MS Dhoni. Ask Sunny Leone's partners. They will all agree.

Some of them are comparing you to Hitler and BJP to Nazis. Not me. Yet. The reason? Simple.

The Nazis had performed continued their atrocities after their ascent to the top. Your performances at the top are untested. Given the fact that you are possibly the smartest person India has right now, I doubt whether you will do the same.

I hope airfares go down, ensuring I can vote next time.

I hope you remember your humble past and treat those with a humble present with compassion.

I hope their aspersions that you will turn out to be a dictator turn out to be false.

I hope you turn India into the country we have always dreamed of and you have promised us. We have seen how efficient and enterprising a person you are; please continue to do so. What you have done for a political party can definitely be replicated for the good of India.

I hope the post-result fear in the hearts of the (religious) minority communities is baseless.

I hope the nation does not need a Chosen One in future.

I hope the dispute over Kashmir is resolved for good.

I hope the states in North-East India won't have a reason to complain. More importantly, I hope the people throughout the country are able to name all states in the North-East on a political map of India.

How many of them can name all states, I wonder

I hope every physically fit citizen of India between 18 and 60 is forced to carry out a year's paid community and / or military service.

I hope blue-collar jobs pay anywhere close to white-collar jobs in this country.

I hope crime against women comes to an immediate halt. I know you're capable of pulling this off. You're smarter and more efficient than anyone in power.

I hope medical treatment is affordable to everyone and, if possible, free.

I hope cash transactions decrease throughout the country.

I hope policemen are paid significantly more than they are. 

I hope Fardeen Khan comes back to India.

I hope radical changes are made to the implementation and execution of Law 498A.

I hope everybody who claims of being proud to be an Indian is quizzed on a topic of his choice regarding the country in question.

I hope everyone has enough to feed and cover themselves.

I hope anyone spitting in any public place is fined so much that their mouths would dry up when they think of it the next time.

I hope all rare books and videotapes are preserved.

I hope the third gender has equal opportunities as the other two.

I hope heritage sites are so well-maintained that they earn enough foreign revenue to make it a significant part of the GDP. Remember, this will also generate several jobs at multiple levels.

I hope the concept of family-planning is taken a bit more seriously. I hope the income tax amount depends on it.

I hope The Indian National Congress and Manmohan Singh are treated with respect.

I hope Pakistan or China or Burkina Faso or USA or any other country thinks thrice before having the audacity to you-know-what.

I hope the General Compartments in Indian Railways are equipped enough to be classified as suitable for human transport.

I hope to see artists or athletes struggling financially are taken care of.

I hope to see free service — financial, infrastructural, and emotional — provided to senior citizens who stay alone.

I hope for a lot of other things, but right now I need to have my lunch. I hope you understand.

But. But. But.

If most of these happen (especially the Fardeen bit), I promise you that I will purchase that air-ticket irrespective of the price next time and get my index finger painted in ink.

We have hoped for too long. That is, in fact, what most of us do. Hope.

You seem to be someone who can actually do.


A well-wisher.


  1. I agree with every single bit of what you said. He is super smart, super organised and absolutely goal-oriented. A little pompous, more than a little patriarchal.

    I also wait to see what he does for 'women empowerment' (RaGa's favourite catch phrase) and the abysmal standards of public education across the country (which includes inculcating the scientific temper in the common man, abolishing superstitions, and a healthy interest in liberal multiculturism).

  2. woah! thats a long wish-list! bhalo laglo pore... koyekta common wish amio share kori...!
    I hope Modiji tomar ei shob koti monoshkamona purno koren, specially the Fardeen bit! :P

    1. Boss, with great power comes great responsibilities. I hope he fulfills them. As for the Fardeen bit, please keep praying if you aren't an atheist.

  3. what is great is that in a Modi Govt. even a Congress supporter is hopeful!! With the past govt we Only had Hopelessness, Despondency & Despair!

    1. Indeed. Let us hope this does not go the same way. All we can do right now is hope.

  4. i hope the infrastructure of football in India is really taken care of seriously

    1. Er, one of my secret hopes is to watch India play World Cup Football before I die.

    2. Same here. My ears are waiting to hear our national anthem being played in football world cup

  5. At this point, I hope that things do come out to be the best. I hope all fears turn out to be baseless, and all the stories about ability/efficiency turn out to be not just true, but manifest in the form of clear development in at least some things. I do not ask for miracles, would be quite happy, if only some of the wishes expressed above really come true. Rather than the price of air tickets (would be great to have lower ones irrespective) for voting, another thing on my wishlist would be for the election bureaucracy system to be a little more painless, so that one could vote from another city, particularly in India easily.

    The idea of paid forced community/millitary service is interesting and one I have not heard before. Is this something that was discussed in the elections this time?

    1. No, that has been discussed earlier. That is my idea. :|

  6. Bhalo lekha... similar sentiment... kintu koyek jaegae iyarki ta chhyablamo laglo!

  7. Bah bah!! wow!! bhalo laglo!! kintu tumi sei Fardeen Khan k r charlena!! Bechara!! :D

  8. Dear Abhishek,
    'Aab ki baar-Modi Sarkar' - this slogan was so powerful..we didn't think about BJP Sarkar, It is "Modi Sarkar".
    Ami onar dol ke vote di ni, mane dite pari ni. Asole, amar bangali abeg phool-pata r theke kaste te moje beshi, Kintu, tor lekha amake sahos jogalo ei prothom moner kotha ta bolte - agul jotoi moner kotha shunuk, brain bolchilo 'Aab ki baar-Modi Sarkar'.
    Ei CLAUSTROPHOBIC situation theke bhishon bhabe berote chai .....tai Modi ke porokh kora jaak...
    Bharot jononi gandhi poribar tontro theke berote pare ebong mili-juli sorkar chara cholte pare .....eta ekta revolution to botei.
    Tor lekha hope gulo boddo genuine ..... All the Best.

  9. খুব ভাল হোপলিস্ট, দেখা যাক কি মেলে, কতটা মেলে।
    কিন্তু একটা প্রশ্নঃ ফারদিন খান ভারতে নেই? কোথায় তাহলে??

  10. you have a long wishlist!! The entire country is caught in an overdose of optism or i,m the cynical one...nonetheless would love to see you tick off your wish list one by one..!

  11. Abhishek always a pleasure to read your posts though i can only read those in english. Your wishlist is very long and this wish list reflects the hope felt by the whole nation collectively (may be not Congress, Lalu, Nitish and company) but i am afraid people will have so many expectations even if Mr. Modi can fullfill half of them they might term him as failure.I hope that doesnt happen. And i agree on football.look at african nations which are so poor but still producing athlets in almost all sports. we should encourage that strongly.

    1. Yes, please, let us. Though I am too much of a cricket lover to care for other sports, there is no harm in India ruling cricket and other sport.

      But then, we're not a sporting nation. :(

  12. I sincerely all forms of sports are seriously and sincerely promoted, n not taken care of by Kalmadi-like people.
    Am really hopeful about the entire wish list.
    But. But. But.

    1. No. I am not willing to give Fardeen Khan a break.