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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lord Gajendra Chauhan, Khuli Khidki, and FTII

Gajendra Chauhan, doyen of Indian cinema, has recently been appointed Chairman of FTII, much to the dismay of the students, who have gone as far as to launch a protest against the decision. 

Somewhat surprisingly, certain actors (mostly nobodies like Anupam Kher and Rishi Kapoor) have come up with inexplicable objections, blasting out at Lord Chauhan for reasons fathomable only to them.

Jealousy? Maybe.

But this is not a post aimed at the stars who are united in protest against Lord Chauhan. This blog post is aimed at the students, who have been blessed with the finest Chairman in the history of the famed Institute.

For those lambasting at the Government for Lord Chauhan's appointment, here is a simple question: how many of you have actually seen Lord Chauhan at his on-screen best (beyond Mahabharat, of course)?

Today, on this blog post, I will prove the pedigree of Lord Chauhan as an actor. The movie I choose as my exhibit is Khuli Khidki, in which Lord Chauhan has pulled off one of those path-breaking performances others can merely dream of.

Being a statistician by qualification (and not by much else), I am aware of the fact that a small sample is not sufficient, more so because the knives will come out if I go wrong. Hence, I have selected a handful of videos from the movie.

Unlike most movies of the era, Khuli Khidki does not have a story — but then, a Lord Chauhan starrer does not need one. He is a story himself, an institution, the best that has been.

This is where it all starts. Chauhan, playing Avinash in the movie, makes his appearance. Do note the subtlety he uses to make the smooth transition from 'Madam' to 'Nisha' — a perfect example for us mortals who never manage to to talk women up...

This, students, is what they call style. Look at the panache with which he carries himself, both on the dance floor and otherwise. The costume designer has helped him out, but you know who has pulled the scene off, do you not?

This is the iconic 'Eyes scene of Khuli Khidki' that you may have heard about but have never come across. Though history remembers it as the 'eyes scene', his expressions subsequent to his entry are just as gripping.

History does not present everyone with the opportunity of seeing a topless Lord Chauhan in what is the shortest pair of boxers or the longest underwear in the history of mankind (we are yet to figure out which one). You should consider yourself fortunate.

The 'hands scene', remember? We have all tried to emulate this. Lord Chauhan pulls off a stunner here: acting schools often teach that managing hands is often considered the most difficult part of acting; our hero has solved this perennial problem by keeping his hands completely still throughout this scene.

A lesson in modulation: closely observe how Lord Chauhan changes his tone while talking to the accountant and his wife.

This particular scene was supposed to be dominated by two women trying to pass the Bechdel test (and failing miserably), but not for the first time, Lord Chauhan owns the scene.

Once again, the costume designer has played a crucial role here. Do note the brilliance of the dialogues as well — but then, they would not have had the same essence if they had not picturised on Lord Chauhan!

You have seen him act. but this is on another echelon. In another country he would have been named the most irresistible (beware, ladies) hunk on the third planet of the Solar System, but Bollywood could never do justice to the man.

PS: Watch how he obtains a confession. 1.50 to 2.05 will do.

The scene where he brings the audience to tears despite his restrained performance. Do note how he sends out a message for the average Indian citizen towards the end.

Critics are yet to fathom whether this scene is serious or comic.

Do note the perfect use of the revolving chair during the telephonic conversation.

If you want to see the best of Lord Chauhan, look no further. This is where you get a clear view of his torso. This is where he saves a woman (who was, admittedly, pretending). This is where he pulls off some of the most spectacular dance moves. He even whistles a tune — all in the span of less than four minutes.

The 'Halaao' that no one can play just once. Admit it, you did play it twice, didn't you?

The Lord at his drunken best...

... and in a murderous mood. You do not want to mess with him in this mood, trust me.

And finally, after what it seemed like hours of stiffling suspense, the murder.

If you play the villain, what better way to prove yourself than take on the antagonist of The Greatest Story Ever Told — the man who played probably the most iconic villain in the history of the industry?

A gem of a sequence. What happens next? Can Vijay save the world? Or will Avinash triumph? You need to watch Khuli Khidki to find out.

But till then, students, withdraw your protests. You have been given the privilege of access to one of the greatest actors of all time. Do not squander the opportunity. Do not let them deprive you of the honour of your life being blessed by the legend.



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