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To read in Bangla

There has been a persistent problem with various users regarding Bangla fonts. People have not been able to read my Bangla articles for various reasons.

Here is a basic troubleshooting:
Q: I cannot read Bangla.
A: Learn it. It's easy. Start off with Bornoporichoy I and II, and then proceed to Shohoj Path I, II, III, ...

Q: I can read Bangla, but I cannot read your Bangla articles.
A: Typically, such issues are resolved by installing Avro Keyboard.

Q: Where can I buy this Avro Keyboard?
A: You cannot. You can download it for free from the internet. Google it.

Q: If I install Avro Keyboard, will my own keyboard get modified automatically?
A: No. Though it's has the word "keyboard" in its name it's actually a software. And no, I have no idea why it's called Avro Keyboard and not Avroware.

Q: Who is this Avro?
A: That is something I've often wondered about. Do search, and drop me an email at You-Know-Where if you ever get to know. This might be a good place to start.

Q: Why can I not see the ৎs or khondo taws?
A: It's possibly because you use something ancient, like Windows XP, or something even more geriatric.

Q: Why do you use such a small font size?
A: Once again, it's because you use something ancient, like Windows XP, or something even more geriatric.

Q: I love Windows XP to the extent that I've named my son XP, so I don't want to change it. How do I see your fonts, then?
A: Press Ctrl and scroll up, holding the middle button of your mouse.

Q: I do not have a mouse. I use a laptop touchpad (or a mouse without a middle button).
A: Buy a mouse with a middle button. It's cheap. Alternatively, press Ctrl and the + key (some people have complained that this doesn't work for them, hence I haven't mentioned it in the previous answer).

Q: What about Mac?
A: I personally do not use a Mac, but I strongly recommend you visit this page. This page might be helpful, too.

Q: I'm a Bangla font geek, but I'm a huge fan of your Bangla articles as well. I want to read them in the operating systems nominated for the obscurity awards. How do I go about it?
A: Congratulations for belonging to two remarkably small sets, that too simultaneously. I'm speechless, and as for your question, I'm helpless. But you might want to visit this and this for more assistance.