Monday, January 18, 2010


Of all the metals that exist, copper is possibly the most sensuous. All metals have certain common properties, as they had taught me in physics a decade and a half back. They're malleable, they're ductile, they possess a unique lustre, and they usually dazzle when you throw light on them.

Copper, however, has a distinctive colour of its own, as we all know. Most metals look gorgeous in bright light, but copper, somewhat uniquely, reveals its charms in the dark. If you really need to mesmerise yourself in its appeal, I suppose you need to catch a glimpse of the metal when there's no light. It looks more sensuous, more seductive when there's no illumination; you might be stunned by the sheer eroticism of the metal in the dark.

And then, there's the fact that it's a wonderful conductor of electricity.


  1. If i'm thinking right,you are more than clever in this brilliant use of double meaning.And yes,copper was always a good conductor of electricity ;)

    1. Double meaning? What are you talking about? ;)

      And yes, I agree on the electricity bit.