Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cribbing time

My office chair is quite comfortable. But I suppose, when you give someone an inch, he's most likely to make a mile of it. So, these days, even these seem uncomfortable to me. The backrest could've been higher to support my head, and it could've been softer as well. I've tried to rest my head backwards and have hit an unmistakable nothingness; there isn't anything.

But then, it's supposed to be a workplace, correct? You're supposed to work there, not lay back for some rest or solace or whatever.

What was this article about? Plain, simple cribbing, right? Isn't it time that I grow up? I mean, what office provides chairs that would provide you with shelter?


  1. Gone are the days when people used to harness the concept of "all work and no play" inside the "office". Now-a-days people are coming up with ideas such as power nap, ergonomic excecise facilites etc. Look at the new Google office and I am sure you won't feel guilty about craving for a more comfortable chair than the current one!

  2. There's the chair's side of the story as well...