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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Pigeon's Whole Principle

The Pigeon, as we all know, was one of the greatest bowlers the world has ever produced. Many people would complain that he wasn't really a tearaway option; some others would say that he lacked aggression; and some others would come up with the fact that he didn't look as menacing as fast bowlers should.

But then, he had this unique method of hunting: He would bowl at a spot, consistently, hour after hour, day in and day out. As batsmen, we know that we should go forward to pitched-up deliveries, and back for short-pitched ones. We should leave balls outside off-stump alone, and we should play the ones within the stumps.

This is what he used to count upon. He basically made the batsmen think, and you had to be correct every time while taking a decision. There wasn't anything called a 99% probability with McGrath. You had to be spot on every time, otherwise it might well have been the end of you.

He used to romp the world of cricket till a few years back. He had made batsmen commit errors; but the batsmen who had committed errors over the years had learnt their lessons, and hence they had been keen on teaching batsmen of future generations not to make mistakes. That's the only way to counter McGrath and his successors. I hope they succeed. I sincerely do.

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