Thursday, August 5, 2010

Double standards

Prasar Bharati and its censor board have always baffled me. Throughout my childhood they had made me watch one single channel, my summer vacation afternoons meandering into monotonous drones on the increase of jute plantation in Orissa or equivalent in the past financial year by some bespectacled professor on some programme that had received UGC grants, and whenever the Friday night movie was shown on air, the most awaited scenes were found to be mercilessly severed, thereby making the viewing pointless.

Now, not only have they allowed MTV and FTV and whatever-alphabet-TV, but they've also been broadcasting international cricket matches that have umpires with names like Rod Tucker, never putting a ban on channels showing his name on an electronic display or instructing them to beep when his name is being uttered on air (a tough ask, considering that it's live).



  1. Rod Tucker anyday is still lot sober than Randhi Dilhara Fernando or Suraj Rand-Hiv.

  2. ha ha ha..
    the blog & the comment of Saurabh, both r excellent n rib-tickling...