Sunday, October 3, 2010


Random net surfing brought me here. The headline obviously caught my eye. Amputed, fine. Severed, fine. But missing?

He had committed a murder. Not that bad, murders are quite cool and happen all the time.

He had been arrested. It's quite in vogue, these arrests. They've been arresting quite a few recently.

He committed suicide in jail. Awwwww... isn't that really cute, and romantic, and all that stuff?

He severed his genitals before he did so. Now that's something, isn't it? I wonder what he was thinking - was it remorse? Or did he need a neat wall-hanging in his prison cell? Or was he remarkably hungry?

They are missing after his death. Assuming his prison cell was otherwise empty and he wasn't a champion discuss thrower, there's a high probability that he was  possibly famished, and had to do certain stuff out of hunger. Once he realised what he had done, he did react.

And to top everything, the police are still looking for it. I wonder what their incentive is. Can't relate to this collectors' mania, myself.