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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thanks for the support!

Over the past few days I have been campaigning shamelessly for my blog for the IndiBlogger award. Of course I didn't stand a chance, but the overwhelming bit was the response from my readers - something that went way beyond my expectations. If I did not win it, it was completely my fault (read: the judges' fault): you have been fantastic in your support.

I had never expected to win anything in the Personal category, so no surprises there. However, I had the audacity to think that I do stand with a chance in Humour. Not winning would probably have hurt, but I guess losing to a deserved winner does two things to you: it hurts less, and more importantly, you get a reality check.

A-musing is definitely a deserving winner, and Purba Ray is, without a doubt, a winner. However, this post is not about her.

I know that it was kick-started by Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind - a blog that gave me the belief that writing need not beconfined to students of literature. However, I have often wondered exactly why I have been blogging for all these years. To get a kick out of the positive comments? Is it about showing off to people that I can write? To make a breakthrough in the already overpopulated world of Indian publishers?

No. And it took me about five years to learn that. Of course it had always about having a bit of fun and release of emotions, but I guess there is definitely more to it than that..

It is about being loved by people who I never knew existed. It is about the friend based two oceans away telling me that someone mentioned my blog to her. It is about the emails that made me learn that I can make people smile on Monday mornings.

In other words, this post blog is about you. I am really overwhelmed by your love, support, and affection over the years - and your support for me in this contest has been just a reassuring proof of that. You keep me going. You have made this blog function.

Just the way Fardeen Khan has.