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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A journey in photographs — VI

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We are back again. The usual collection of 15 photographs, from the lengths and breadths of the country. Some of these have been clicked by me; others have been donated; and I have nicked a few shamelessly.

If you think I had nicked one from you, do not spare me: just drop a comment or email, and you will be duly acknowledged. If you have copyright on something, do not sue me; instead, just let me know, I will take the picture down (and dislike you forever).

Exhibit 1: I saw this on the door of a GoAir coach. I found the warning a legitimate one. Coach doors are obviously not expected to operate — but what if one does? Why take a risk?

Exhibit 2: I do not remember clicking this, so if it someone else, please own up. I have seldom found a notice that does a discrimination strange enough to match this one. Why would someone stop all women and all salesmen from entering? Is this a residence for impoverished gynophobic males?

Exhibit 3: Once again, my memory eludes me — did I click this one? Anyway, this one needs no explanation, barring the MRP bit. I wonder what the MRPs were (do note they offer discounts as well.)

Exhibit 4: At the Indian Coffee House, College Street, no less. This looks ordinary, but I think I should mention here that we were seated on a table next to this sign. Photo courtesy: Prabirendra.

Exhibit 5: This was clicked by me, and if I remember correctly, at Harvey's on Kasba Connector, Kolkata. I asked for tender lion, but all they could offer was tenderloin. Sigh.

Exhibit 6: Courtesy Priyanka. There are two signs here. One of them can give me a theft-proof house; can anyone tell me where to contact these guys?

Exhibit 7: I think this was at one of the Connectors, either Park Circus or Kasba or Jadavpur Thana, in Kolkata. I wonder whether how they test for pre-meal ejaculation.

Exhibition 8: One of my clicks, but I do not remember where I clicked this. While I understand referring to a newly opened establishment as "fresh", the "juicy" bit of it eludes me.

Exhibition 9: Courtesy Sanmarga (-da). The location is on the bill — but what is age biryani supposed to mean? Old animals' meat...?

Exhibition 10: Received this on WhatsApp (from whom?). This can no way be called photography, but I could not resist sharing. Also, in case you are missing the dulcet voice that owned the 1990s, here is a clip, just for you.

Exhibition 11: Opposite Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. A beauty saloon dedicated to hooligans from Hollywood, I presume.

Exhibition 12: I do not remember anything about this, and neither do I want to. If you remember sending this to me, own up. If you want to know more, they have a number.

Exhibition 13: Clicked at one of the exhibits in South City Mall, Kolkata. I still do not know whether Biba rode her ward or whether it was the other way round.

Exhibit 14: The Calcutta YMCA website is now defunct, so I think I am fortunate in the sense that I had taken a screenshot (you can see the URL). Did this man give the massage?

Exhibition 15: This one was doing rounds on social media during Lok Sabha Elections, 2014. I do not think this needs explanation.


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    1. I presume you liked it. Thank you for the deep, insightful comment.

    2. Certain posts do not require deep, insightful comments. Smileys are sufficient! Repilies to smiley comments do call for deep, insightful comments though! :D

    3. You will get such repily, or repilies, in future.

    4. Middle of the night typing usually leads to typographical errors...!

  2. If a juicewala could spell right,he would not be selling juices.
    If a painter could read,he would not be painting incorrectly.
    People are doing these jobs for a reason. They are not english literate,or simply,they are english-challenged.
    If you ever taught in teach india campaign,you would know this aspirational class that runs small businesses and will reach anywhere with a paint bucket and a brush, painting each letter for 5/-

  3. I think you missed the subtle message in #6, the ironic contradiction embedded in the picture.
    On the one hand the lower picture is asking you to "get over" something. Meaning clearly that you have to climb over some hurdle.
    And then the picture on top says there is anti-climb paint :).