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Friday, November 5, 2010

Going nuts

He's coming, guys.

He's a busy man. So he had to scrap Amritsar from his fixture. The opposition has cited different reasons, but we're ignoring that.

We'd expected him to visit Barrackpore for obvious reasons. He isn't going to do that either.

The security in Mumbai has been increased millionfolds. They aren't even allowing fire-crackers on Diwali. Well, acceptable when the President of the country hit by 9/11 visits the city of 26/11.

Now, this.

Coconuts. Up above the world so high. They gave us coconut oil. Which gave us a brand called Shalimar. Which was named after a movie. Which had this song. Which went to become an object of national pride.

Being Indians we have been taught to accept a lot of things and still go on with life. Incompetent politicians. Religious riots. Racist murders in the West. Fardeen Khan. Terrorists. Tsunamis.

But coconuts? This is a direct assault on our national prestige and ego. Jhingalala means pride for us - ask Ratan Tata, Aamir Khan and Gul Panag if you don't believe me.

I've seen real blasphemy in life (comparing test cricket and ODIs). I've also seen unreal ones (comparing test cricket and T20Is). Even surreal ones (comparing test cricket and American football). But this is something on an entirely different plane: a naariyal insult. Should we take this sitting down?

I wish I could launch a protest article like this one, but it has already been done.

All that's left for me to do is to go Hurr! Hurr! Hurrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Do join in.


PJ: I have always liked to put my hard-earned degrees after my name - Abhishek Mukherjee, BSc MStat. It took me over three decades to find another one who does - Barack O, BA MA.


  1. Some might say," Prevention is better blah blah"
    Some might say," Better safe blah blah"..

    I didn't know about this until I read ur blog, ovshake-da. And it made me laugh, n then speechless..Now I am somehow offended as an Indian..

  2. again m astonished, sir!! i simply like ur dis kinda posts.. i just super like them! i really enjoyed my last 5 minutes!

  3. How dare you to write something about this person? Don't you know he is OBAMA = O BABA MA (which means He is everything)?

  4. lekha achhe tenar hate
    phanra achhe phol aghate;
    jagchhe mone proshno tate..
    bel keno baad pore jay?

  5. Actually, they might have seen "Quick Gun Murugun" before that coconut fiasco.