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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 55-mania starts

These days the internet is infested with 55-word stories. The concept is simple: write a story within 55 words. I'm not really a Gaul, but these are occasions when I turn out to be indomitable.

"Write something realistic on LIFE" were the instructions.

He knew he was good at this. Realism, well, was his forte. His pen raced as fast as his mind. He smirked at the confused faces around him as he raced to the penultimate line.

He took out his penknife. He had to make the end realistic.

The Universe
He was the most powerful man on Earth. All other nations had bowed to his army. All Earth was tied under one supreme force now, and this was a new high in terms of economy, culture and technology.

"New Hi-Score" said the supercomputer. The alien yelled in ecstasy. He couldn't wait till they launched Earth-2.

She knelt on the beach. He didn't even bother to look at her mouth. Just another whore, he thought.

There was not a soul around when the vampire sucked everything, even the last drop of blood, ending the shriek.

She wiped her mouth and walked back. She loved the ocean breeze with her stomach full.


  1. Indomitable! Tres bien!

  2. Without even reading the blog, lemme just say-"The ant" is alive.....;)

  3. progressively better hoyeychey .. last-er ta best

  4. bhalo....

    ek-e rokto, tin-e rokto..
    dui-e abar binary-bhokto..

    Steve Mossai er dhnache r blogger der aanche..
    Blogaile tumi ses-mes panch-dos-panch e..

  5. I thought the rage was over. Good to see you CPR-ed it into life again. I will search for my 55 word story and post it here then. It was written in 2005 or so when an ipod was a novelty...

    Loved the twilight inspired one :-)

  6. an ant found a grain,called it precious.Coulnt hide it from the prying world.Paranoid to make it safe,ate it.dIED.served as a meal by a ravenous aadvark to woo his ladylove.dying without a will,the biggest of antlets gets the anthills.

    Now,is it a fable,parable,myth,fiction,fact or a soap?

  7. would love to see more..... I found the last one awesome.

  8. the princess was pretty,intelligent. she got crown,handsome prince and obedience from her subjects.

    But one day she realized she didn't get best anymore.

    she started to make a perfect world with dolls.
    everyone praised her.
    one day she locked herself in her own world.she is now immortally happy.but is she alive anymore?

    i liked all the stories.especially the middle one..coming from a person who does not believe in GOD

  9. Great. Last one is my favorite.
    "I'm not really a Gaul" - His touch.