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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well, it was Voting Day today. And there I was, queueing in my polling booth, braving the heat, waiting for my moment to come.

I knew my candidates; and I knew exactly what my option was going to be. I wanted go for a no-vote, or, in other words, vote for the option "I do not find any of the candidates eligible." As per Article 49-O of the Constitution you could actually do that.

How is this different from not turning up to vote? Turning up and opting for this would make my opinion recorded under the Right to Information Act. It's a commoner's only way to say that he considers the candidates ineligible.

I went up to the official. I told him that I wanted a no-vote.

He told me that there is no such option.

I went to the presiding officer. He told me the same.

I told him that it's on the constitution.

He told me it isn't.

I told him the precise article number.

He asked me "why did you turn up then?"

I still insisted. He told me to go on with it and not waste his time. He also told me that people like me only  add up to more paperwork for them.

I pointed out that it was he who held the authority to register my vote.

Meanwhile, my fingerprint was taken, my forefinger marked and the button activated. I wasn't left with an option but to press a button (I wonder who it was with a teacup as his symbol; I might even find out some day).

I was left livid and fuming after a long time. Years, possibly.

Can anyone let me know where I can lodge an official protest?


CORRECTION: It's not article 49O of the constitution, but rule 49O of The Conduct of Election Rules. But my point still holds.


UPDATE: Supreme court has decided in my favour, apparently. Thank you, Apoorva Khare, for letting me know.


  1. Bravo!
    out of work,eh?
    wanted free 15 minute publicity?

    that you are conscientious is enuf.
    nobody's worth it-everybody knows that.
    no need to SHOUT.
    entry though was jhingalala.

  2. why you are not that officer???
    O why.

  3. As Loony Lupin taught the third-year class to say...


  4. childish or childlike?
    too much idealism & this short life.

  5. For someone who decides that none of the candidates are worth voting for, there is another reason for exercising this option rather than not turning up to vote at all. If there is going to be any
    instance of rigging, it is easier for those people to cast a vote in place of the absentees. By turning up and exercising this option you put a (probably small) hurdle in that path. I had relatives who used this option in the past for the reason I stated.

    Where to lodge a protest: I don't know. But if you really want something done, that might be contacting newspapers. Unfortunately, that may involve publicity and I don't know if you can do this with an anonymously.

  6. Kalyan and Bikas could easily help u out that day... U should have asked for their help.. !!

  7. Oh...this actually happened? I always wondered if we can go for that no-vote option. Looks like we can't.

  8. பாட்டு எழுதி பெயர் வாங்கும் புலவர்கள் ஒரு வகை
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