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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Towel Day

Not much to say, mate. Except just you're the atheist that has made this atheist believe in God. If there's a heaven, I know that you're hanging in from there like bricks don't, looking upon life, the universe and everything.

Workload in this mostly harmless planet has kept me bogged down, otherwise the occasion called for a longer post. But then, it's been more than forty-two words, which is the only thing that counts.

Happy hitch-hiking in heaven, and thanks for all the fish. Don't forget the towel, though!


  1. Happy Towel Day to you as well!

  2. Thanks for all the fis-er, blog posts! But unlike the dolphins, I hope that you don't go away yet :).

    Also - this reminds me, there was this prediction that the world would end due to natural disasters and so on, I think last week. Perhaps they should have said instead that it would end due to the need for a inter-galactic subway (or whatever it was)...

  3. Thank you. I didn't know May 25 was a Significant Day. His b'day should have been May 42 :)

  4. I worked till very late yesterday, and just outside my office in Rajarhat, there was a taxi, waiting eagerly.

    I didn't ask him. I asked my colleague (on a motorbike) for a lift. He dropped me off on another taxi.

    I HAD TO hitch-hike yesterday.

    And when I sat bareheaded on the backseat of a speeding motorbike on a rain-soaked Rajarhat road, guess what I kept telling myself? :)