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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More of that girl

Remember this girl I keep on talking about every now and then? The other day we had a conversation of sorts:

Daughter: Baba, living beings reproduce, right?
Father: Yeah, they do.
Daughter: Do all living beings reproduce?
Father: No, not all. They can reproduce. But the converse holds. Non-living beings do not reproduce.
Daughter: Did you reproduce?
Father: Yes, I did.
Daughter (surprised by this new revelation): Really? And where's your baby?
Father (seriously taken aback): Erm, don't you know?
Daughter: No. I don't. How did you reproduce? And who is the baby?
Father: We will discuss this.
Daughter: Discuss what? I thought only women can reproduce. How can males reproduce? I think you're lying.
Father: No, see, males also reproduce.
Daughter: Okay, fine. You've reproduced. Happy now?
Father: What? I'm not lying! I'm just tired!
Daughter: Tired of what? Reproducing? (smirks)


The girl places RaHole (he still exists) on her head and asks The Father: "Do I look like Tut?" (pronounced like hoot).
Father: What's a tut?
Daughter: Tutankhamun. Haven't you heard of him?
Father: Right. My apologies.


Daughter: AG (a female friend) probably has a crush on AC (a male friend).
Father: Are you sure of this?
Daughter: Yes. She keeps on telling me about this.
Father: What do you feel about all this?
Daughter: I usually get bored.
Father: But isn't she your best friend?
Daughter: Yes, I love her very much.
Father: Why do you get bored, in that case?
Daughter: I think this entire concept of romance is boring, unproductive, and overhyped.
Father: What do you find interesting, then?
Daughter: Doraemon.


Daughter: You know what I did to AG?
Father: What?
Daughter (confidently): I went one-up on her.
Father: Would you explain?
Daughter: Yes. Let me tell you.
          AG: So I watched this movie...
          Daughter: Did you like it?
          AG: Oh yes! I loved it!
          Daughter: Did I like it?
          AG: Of course! Hang on, what did you ask?
That killer smile.


Daughter: Is it necessary that every child comes from the hospital to the house where the parents stay?
Father (in-a-this-cannot-lead-to-anything-good-tone): Yes, why?
Daughter: I guess I can keep my son or daughter, then.
Father: I thought you had decided not to marry.
Daughter: I will get a baby done anyway. Without marriage.
Father (slightly tense): Are you sure you can do that?
Daughter: Yes. I have already discussed this with my classmates in details.


  1. How perfectly adorable! But goodness... Is it that time already when you need to talk about birds and bees with her?

    1. I somehow get the impression that she knows way beyond birds and bees.

    2. Yes, of course. I meant, you need to have that talk because you need to learn from her. :P

  2. "The entire concept of romance is boring, unproductive, and overhyped". Ei boyeshe eirom ingreji bolar kotha bhabteo partam na! Baba re. E meye Rhodes Scholar na hoye jay na. :)

    Happy happy HAPPY birthday to the girl. :)

  3. I dare you, give her to read this post. :D

  4. Crush is the latest new word Suchi has learnt as well..Amazing how much they can floor us with their questions...

  5. A father-daughter conversation always proves to be productive, where the father learns how much his daughter has already learnt. This is really adorable! I loved the line "Okay, fine. You've reproduced. Happy now?" Ha ha, does she really talk like this?

    1. Yes, Sayantini. She almost always talks like this. :/

  6. About the first conversation: I think this is quite a common concept that is sold to kids in the name of convenience. Was done to me too. But it will come crashing down pretty soon. Given how often people comment on how every child looks a little like the father/mother/uncle/grand-parent children are bound to question how one is connected to the father. And if that does not make them wonder, the talk of the coincidence of marriage and baby (last conversation) will.

    One question: How are you not scared that she will find and read your blog?

    1. These days she is too much into Doraemon, JKR, and Nancy Drew to read her father's blog. The day she starts browsing and reading, I won't mind her reading this.

      As for the other bit, I'm sure she knows a lot more than what I know that she knows.

    2. good for you dad! loved it. :)

  7. Is that really Rubu? :-O
    "Okay, fine. You've reproduced. Happy now?" :D :D :D

  8. Yeah, she is some girl. Hope she had a great birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday to Rubu. Sunshine, chocolates Eclairs and kisses. Hope her year will be as beautiful as she is. :)

  10. eta pore ami to ekhoni asharer megh dekhchi....tumi to bhalo bhabe face korecho or question'gulo....amar jonye future'e ki ache bhebei ami shiure uthchi :O

    1. Shobe to kolir shondhye. Aage aage dekho hota hai kya. :)

  11. Actually Abhishek you made a mistake. The conversation should have gone like the following:

    Daughter: No. I don't. How did you reproduce? And who is the baby?
    Father: We will discuss this.
    Daughter: Discuss what? I thought only women can reproduce. How can males reproduce? I think you're lying.
    Father: You are right, actually your mother reproduced, but I helped. Why dont you ask her about it ?