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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Vote for me in Melonade 5!

All right, you wonderful people: you have loved me and my blog over the years. Here is some wonderful news for you: I have made it to the nationwide (by nation I mean India) shortlist of Melonade 5.

What is Melonade 5?

Melonade is a short story contest hosted every year by WritersMelon. Given the fact that they are extremely imaginative, they name the versions Melonade 1, Melonade 2, and so on. This one was Melonade 5.

Yeah, yeah, so what's the big deal?

Like last year, I have made it to the shortlist. The final three will be decided by your votes. Unfortunately, the deadline for voting is tomorrow (September 6, 2015 AD, IST).

What happens if one makes it to the shortlist?

Well, we get published. Those shortlisted on Melonade 4 are getting published in an aptly named collection called First Brush on the Canvas. You can pre-order it here. It costs Rs 150/-, which is approximately two kilograms of onion at today's price.

Cool. So what do we do?

Obviously, you will vote for me. You click on this link and leave a cool comment if you like the excerpt. Remember, they declare the winner based on the number of comments.

Dude! Where are the other entries?

How does it matter? Well, since you insist... all of them are here.

What if I like theirs more than yours?

Well, then vote for them. Let the best candidate win.

Awwwww, you did not mean that, did you?

Of course not! May I win, by hook or by crook. There are a couple of close friends on the list, and I will be only too happy if they finish second or third. You know that awesome feeling when you come first and your close friend finishes second, don't you?

But guys, vote for me. Make sure I come first. Won't you?

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