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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A journey in photographs

I'm possibly suffering from a blogger's block.

This is significantly different from a writer's block. A writer's block is one's inability to persist with something creative, useful and money-inducing. A blogger's block, on the other hand, is one's inability to persist with something that was utterly useless in the first place.

Anyway, since I'm hardly contributing with quality writing these days (as if I had, at any point of time), let me try my hand at something else. It's not that I'm not writing - it's the quality that has been disappointing.

There are certain other premises, though, where I'm supremely capable: one of them, of course, is clicking random pictures on my cellphone (often to the annoyance of my co-passengers), mostly on my way to and from work at the relatively newer office at Rajarhat, all of them clicked from my favourite Nokia E63.

Of course, Hotel Rose deserves a separate post, all to itself. But there are others as well.

Let me go through them, then, one by one:

Exhibit 1: This was while returning from work, on one of my earliest days at the new office. This was printed, quite proudly, at the back of a Tata Sumo, making me wonder if the back door of the car worked like a shutter.

Exhibit 2: One of those captures, not taken at work. I underwent a non-trivial test at Eko X-Ray and Imaging Clinic some time back; I needed to visit the restroom, and, well, you cannot really blame me for a moment's hesitation before I entered.

Exhibit 3: With the State Assembly Election coming up, I was dumbstruck to find a lorry advertising that my entire state is being rented.

Exhibit 4: A simple question - of all the Indian states, whose name comes to you first when you hear of ice-cream?

Exhibit 5: Of course, as an analytics person, the name of this rather innocuous-looking shop has always intrigued me. Sarees with log tables printed on them? I wonder.

Exhibit 6: Many of you might have noticed this, located just outside the Kolkata airport. Nowhere else in the world would you find coffee this fresh, and more importantly, this honest.

Exhibit 7: The fast food joint sells momos, fries, main courses, starters, soups (save and zoom if you have issues seeing). I wonder what the word "chill" means.

Exhibit 8: Inside a friend's apartment complex. I suppose my low IQ got me confused when I tried to find my way.

Exhibit 9: An incredible effort to intimidate the traffic into following rules. Simply commendable. Looks rather cute cool.

Exhibit 10: As they claim, their network follows us wherever we go. It took time for me to realise that their claim involves ketchup containers in Rajarhat streetside shack food joints as well.

Exhibit 11: A champion actress, an amazing administrator, an accomplished poet - and now an editor of hot-and-sweet romantic stories. Move aside, Tagore and Ray, the greatest versatile genius Bengal has ever produced is here. Clicked at Crossword, by the way, so I might have broken a rule or two in the process!

Exhibit 12: Our literacy rate might be low, but that's applicable to human beings. The insects are a different story altogether, though.

Exhibit 13: Still not sure what this means. Do you get to do swimming here, but to a very limited extent? Like, say, you can only do a breast stroke? And you're allowed only limited activities inside the resort?

Exhibit 14: Watch out, female auto-rickshaws in The City of Joy. The Playboy is here.

Exhibit 15: Bad news, Thomas Cook. Roman Holiday has arrived home. Now we can get to see those Raphaels and Berninis and Michaelangelos every weekend, and even witness the Pope get elected.


  1. What does Exhibit 11 say ?

  2. As for "Data Garments", there is a hotel chain in Chennai called "Data Udipi hotel". I suspect they are intended to mean "daatha" (one who gives).

    The Chennai hotels always write their name in English and "udupi hotel" part in Tamil ( )

    Because of the way Tamil is, you cannot write "data"; you write it either as "Tata" or "Thatha" (which means grandfather). Apparently they used to write the whole name in Tamil, as Tata udupi hotel. Then the real Tata intervened and forced them to write "Data" alone in English.

  3. Chamatkar ! Radioactive toilet ar boi er rack a sabar ekotro howa.

  4. ektu criticise kortei hobe. sab gulo chhobi ek level er na, jehetu onek achhe jhere bechhe khan 5/7 dilei to chole...

  5. Enjoyed all of it!

    Here's a "useful" number plate:

  6. Excellent observation power.....

  7. :-D!
    Slightly gritty, on the go, foggy and honest snapshots.

  8. 12,13 use zeugma.
    the sauce bottle is sponsered by vodafone,or serves as a transmitter.
    understand-the truck's name is Bengal.
    but the play boy auto continues this way it'll soon be the 'daddy' of all autos.

  9. Exhibit 4: I think you are not reading it in the intended way. The ice-cream here is so good that it would totally refresh you even if you have been toiling away in the Rajasthan heat. (On a side note why is the cricket club called Rajasthan?)

    Exhibit 5: Clearly you are out-dated, enjoying (as I do myself) much more the classy adventures of the unwilling Arthur Dent than some unsuspecting character of Dan Brown bestsellers ... where data is hidden in simple artifacts. But for those who follow these things, the idea of data in a Sari must be much more thrilling than it would be to others.

    Exhibit 8: OK, at times, it is hard (actually impossible ) to come up with excuses.

    Don't worry about "blocks", your writing is more often than not extremely enjoyable.

  10. bloggers block,did you say?
    now how can YOU lack ideas?

    write about parenting and mythology,yeah you best at that.

  11. besh koyektai bhalo...tobe shobgulo ek maaper bhalo noy!

  12. Super post, mate :) Really funny visuals.

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    i could not coz i had to sign in then :-(

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  14. oh my, I love the train of thoughts!

  15. A little different approach, but liked it.