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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Bollywood cliché

I love Bollywood clichés. I mean, I simply love them. Right from beta, maine tere liye aaj kheer banaaya hai to the mysterious brittle wooden railings that fall apart whenever the goons get bashed up by the hero on the first floor of that mysterious godown, I really adore them.

One of my favourite clichés, though, is when the goons tie the hero down. There's usually a gang of reasonable size; once they get tired of approaching the hero one by one (never as a group) and get smashed, they ultimately realise that they need to work as a group. They pounce on the hero from all sides and hold him down, preferably with a stick; alternatively they strangle him with a rope.

And then, when we all start thinking whether our man is doomed, he suddenly repels them magically; they scatter like ninepins in all directions, and our hero emerges like a phoenix, and starts bashing the bad guys all over again as if nothing has happened.

I couldn't find a picture of this, so I decided to go with a clichéd face instead. :D


  1. the goons being bashed up by the hero is more apparent in the "southie" movies

  2. You couldn't find a picture of that warehouse fight scene in DEEWAAR when, mid-way through the sequence, Peter's henchmen catch hold of Vijay and Peter starts beating him up with a shovel? Hell, not even a screenshot could you manage???