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Friday, February 4, 2011

Her bovine statements

There's this apparently aimless sport between us:

She shouts "baa-ba!"

I shout back, calling her name.

Yes, even though she's seven now.

Now, the other day I preferred to act smart. As she shouted "baa-ba", the traitor inside me responded "black sheep".

She was furious at this, well, breach of trust. She paused for a couple of seconds, blurted out "moo-moo white cow" and stormed out of the room.


"Baba, what are children of cowboys and cowgirls called?"


"Baba, what do cowboys and cowgirls grow up to become?"

"Cowmen and cowwomen".

"Baba,  what do cowboys and cowgirls domesticate to get milk?"

I looked up. Yes, that familiar triumphant smile.


  1. Unlike the times I said it sarcastically in the Hostel, this time I DO mean it honestly - "how clever, how funny, and how witty" :). Many days from now, when you do choose to retire from blogging, may she take up your blog. Shows the promise of becoming a worthy successor!

  2. You should seriously consider writing a book! This is hilarious
    Rohit Girotra

  3. Reminds me of some discussions between Calvin and his father (particularly the ones about rocks are red in Arizona as sun sets in west somewhere close to Arizona and the one about world turning clorful from B&W one day but old B&W pictures didn't change because they were color pictures of old B&W world)! I have my own examples too which I'll save for my own blog (if it ever sees daylight, or rather some monitor to be accurate).