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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Journey in Photographs - III

Unlike its two elder sisters I and II, III was not written out of a blogger's block. After some non-trivial fiction-writing of shoddy quality, I thought I'd get back to my comfort zone: clicking pictures using the 2 megapixel camera on my E63 or taking smart-aleck screenshots, and then assigning descriptions that are supposed to be funny.

Here, then, is the third installment:

Exhibit 1: These guys do a lot of cool medical stuff, and hence have quite aptly gone for a narcissistic acronym (aami, in case you aren't aware, is the Bengali for I).

Exhibit 2: Self-explanatory. The most ferociously named club ever. Batam does mean bedpost, but in Bengali it's typically used as a phrase (typically used as a threat to insert into one of the less frequently used orifices as far as heterosexuals are concerned - yes, I'm sure there are exceptions).

Exhibit 3: So? Who cares a fish (chaini, in case you aren't aware, is the Bengali for "didn't want")?

Exhibit 4: ধুৎ!

Exhibit 5: Females, contact us only through emails.

Exhibit 6: The only hospital where God pays visits during childbirths, I presume.

Exhibit 7: The only place where the reception, room service, everyone welcomes you with a "Yo!".

Exhibit 8: This used to be ONE store. Now, they would simply not be together, despite the valiant efforts of all the king's horses and men.

Exhibit 9: Where English meets Sanskrit. The multicultural metal merchant is here, guys. Also, why is this oddly reminiscent of this song?

Exhibit 10: An ingenious way to abbreviate that asks in an obvious question (ele translates to the rather non-trivial "did you come").
PS: For some reason this keeps reminding me of অবনী, বাড়ি আছো?

Exhibit 11: We're honoured to see you thus, your holiness.

Exhibit 12: I know this is a bit blurry, but I suppose it's legible. Possibly the only shop that advertises the proud availability of male underwear to be worn during weddings. Which of you know that such a specialised category even existed?

Exhibit 13: Placed outside the glamorous hoarding next to my college, this shop possibly uses random numbers to select places it would cater to.

Exhibit 14: "Avada kedavra!" cried Harry, only to see his wand to disintegrate into fresh cream. I've wondered exactly what had triggered off this name. More so for a brand of rice. But then, this is a country where Fardeen Khan has made a career out of his acting skills...

Exhibit 15: A screenshot from my edition of Phatikchnad. Clearly a subtitle-writer with a sense of humour and honesty, and a sense of commitment to Cinema in general.


  1. besh bhalo laglo.. ki sundar halka furfure ;)

  2. sesher ta daaroon

  3. The Big Over Easy was priceless :) !

    As for "Steelam", I thought that it would be where Jamshedji and Ratanji met Devgn-ji.

    And the abbreviation of Tara Sankar Ele wouldn't be related to TS Eliot by any chance now, would it?

  4. Puro Makhon .......

    - Sougata

  5. As always very entertaining...keep up the good work!

  6. @Joydeep
    Furfure noy, phurphure. Banglaye "f" bole kichu nei, "ph" achhe.

  7. Enjoyed most of them, but particularly the last screen shot! However, some of them were too blurry to read. This post also mandates an ability to read Bengali :)

  8. Shesh-r ta too good!! ar batam Club to amar school-er pashe chhilo, okhane amra khela dekhte jetam!!

  9. Oshadharon!!!the tag lines are awesome.You are too good Mr.Mukherjee.