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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I never thought you were a great actor. Why, even in Ittefaq, arguably the best thriller made in the history of Bollywood, it was your performance that had almost ruined the show.

I used to like Aradhana a lot at some point of time. Then I realised it was because of Sharmila and the songs (yes, I know what book she was reading during mere sapnon ki rani).

I used to like Anand too. Then I realised there was more Hrishida in it than anyone.

Your entire career would have been less than half of what it has turned out to be, had Kishoreda not been around.

Yes, you stole the show in Mere Jeevan SaathiSafar and Daag, and in two very underrated movies - Sachcha Jhoota and Do Raaste. But there too, Kishoreda was there all along.

And yet, I cannot think of my childhood without you. Rangoli on Sunday. You made those songs I had heard so often on my Phillips Two-in-One three-dimensional.

But above all, when I'm really depressed - I mean, in situations when even finding a chunk of mutton in the greasy wrapper after I'm through with a Campari roll doesn't do me any good, I tell myself "I hate tears, Pushpaaaa; Pushpaaaaa, I hate tears".

It works. Like magic. Every time.

Rest in peace. I doubt whether Kishoreda would allow you to, though.


  1. Prothom ta pore ektu ghabre gechilam... bhablam ee baba ajke r dineo gali khacheee.... :) tarpor purota pore bhalo laglo... last line the best line...

  2. As usual... very nice and personal.

  3. Unless there is some meaning that I am missing, the first part of the post is quite negative. I do hope that you broke the mould (given the day) and meant it, so that the rest of the stuff you said is also quite meaningful and believable.

    1. He was not a great actor, RGB. But I link my childhood with him to a significant extent. He was huge for me at some point of time.

      But when I grew up...

  4. I love the way you make words flow. You keep your emotions suppressed, but when they come out, it's like a river.

    Don't keep your emotions within yourself. Show them. Love you.

  5. Uncanny. I was thinking the same today while watching the songs being played in every music channel, that without kishore and the music directors, dont think kaka would have become this huge. All 15 of his movies have great songs and music and kishore. Great post.

    1. Precisely my point. But which are the 15 movies that you mention?

    2. I think he is referring to the string of 15 solo superhits that mr. khanna had delivered in a span of 3 years...a record which remains unbroken till date.

    3. Yes. But which three years, and which fifteen movies?

  6. Abhishek, problem with you bengalis are that like everything that is Bengali. According you Aradhna was hit due to Sharmila. Anand was a hit due to Rishi da and Rajesh Khanna's other films did well due to Kishore Da. What this Kishore Da was doing before Aradhana ? Why couldn't he shape his acting career ? Afterall he used to sing for himself. I am sorry that I said this! For you people Kishore Da is better than Mohammad Rafi.

    1. Apologies, Anand. Okay, let me add:

      Do Raaste was a Mumtaz movie.
      Ittefaq was a BR Chopra movie.
      Mehbooba and Kudrat were RD movies.
      Khamoshi was a Waheeda movie.

      Er, do I sound sufficiently unbiased now?