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Friday, January 11, 2013


This is an apology.

I have sinned - sinned against a human being who has never done anything wrong to me.

He has always minded his own business. It has been me who has written about him - rather harshly - on my blog. Multiple times. Far more than any normal individual could tolerate.

Lesser men might have reacted. But he is no ordinary person: he absorbed the entire humiliation alone, and did not argue. He did not resort to the abysmal depths of being as foul-mouthed as I have been.

For days, months, even years - I was under the impression that he had been taking things in his stride, accepting everything in a good-humoured fashion. Little did I realise that the entire issue of my being rude to him on my blog has been hurting him on a persistent basis.

Being the great man that he is, he has decided to move out of the filthy proximity of my blog, to a location where fewer people would recognise him on the nooks and corners of his new habitat and utter "look, he's that man from Abhishek's Blog!"

He's gone. Possibly for good.

And it has all been for me. For the way I had been arrogant as I had droned on about him in endless posts.

As I write this, my heart is laden with the unmistakable burden of guilt. My eyes are almost moist, my soul is heavy, and I cannot forgive myself.

My apologies, mate. I know this will not hold you back and you would not change your decision, but an apology is the least I can do.

Stay well, away from this murk.

Sorry again.


  1. You are incorrigible. And horribly so.
    On another note, this can definitely be my last day in office. I laughed so hard.

  2. NAHIII! Ye sunne se pehele mere kaan kyun nahi phat gaye!

    No, we can't let this happen. We can't let Fardeen go away.

    Fardeeeeeen! I Love You...on Abhishek's Blog. Please mat jao.


  3. you've become obsessed with Fardeen Khan probably much more than Ravan had ever been with Sita, Sachin with Warne/McGrath,Dravid with foreign cricket pitches or Laxman with Australia

  4. :D

    best thing I have seen since morning.

  5. Your words Always had a homoerotic undertone.
    We often criticize those we like the most.

  6. In real life,he's a very sensitive bloke.Leave him,his wife had a terrible miscarriage recently...besides,we all have our flaws.

  7. Dear dear Abhishek,

    "Ab to ghabra ke ye kehte ki mar jayenge
    Jo mar ke bhi chain na paya to kidhar jayenge?"

    Yours truly

  8. dubai gele ki tumi aar oke niye likhbe na?? :P

    1. লিখতে তো হবেই। আমার জীবনের সঙ্গে ও ওতঃপ্রোতভাবে জড়িয়ে গেছে।

  9. :D I really really REALLY love the Ovshake brand of sarcasm.

  10. News ta agei dekhechhilam.. dekhe bhebechhilam tomar wall e post korbo!!

  11. "my soul is heavy.."
    Exactly how 'heavy' your soul is?
    Ovi,why he decided to leave India than kill himself?

  12. You have really changed Ovshake,and now your soul is healed. Take no more burden my friend,your humour has its own brand,without the ' know who'crowding your blogs. Its okay.RIP.



    listen to the whole song.
    This is usually what i feel when i read your posts.

    1. Forgive me (it must be my low intelligence quotient) - but I really cannot comprehend the relationship between the two.

    2. sublimity and absorption

  15. Human heart is a strange vessel.Love and hatred can exist side by side.But who,who,being loved,is poor?

    1. An in-depth response to Fardeen's departure, that comment. Thank you.

    2. It is called-Killing two birds with a single stone.
      A little bird told me you are thinking about mangoes,arn't you?

      One order from you and i will never post again.
      Save yourself. I now dangerously Like irritating you.

  16. I realized that without spamming you i'm not feeling happy at all.
    Besides,you always have the option to delete the spams, right? Do they really eat away a lot of your time?
    Please tell me.

  17. Yes,it sounds like kangaroos have been loaded into the washing machine.For cleaning purposes ofcos.
    Imaginative :)

  18. ?
    Is it unethical to spam an unsuspecting man?

  19. You have read a good amount of mythology.
    You have read the scriptures as well.
    What do they say about spamming?

  20. Are you upset with spamming?
    Please talk to me.You upset or irritated?

  21. You are a moody person and you know that.
    I find it difficult to guess your moods.So why not make this blog color coded,as in,you'd put a red mark on the blog when in a funk and green when chirpy?

  22. You don't have to go to the bar to pick up trolls.
    They come to your blog-step on their own ;-)

  23. I could just be fardeen.Point being,
    Can you afford to take a chance?

  24. Rush to your nearest store for Colgate with whitening supercrystals that'll help you smile better.Cost only 67/-
    vat applies.

  25. Welcome to kaliyuga.

  26. You are a good man-figuratively,literally,theoretically philosophically,mathametically and hypothetically.
    You are the best statistician i've known. In my entire life.

  27. :,'(

    Are you awake?

  28. Agla post kab likhoge?

  29. You were born on a wednesday?
    In purva phalguni nakshatra?
    When moon was in simha rashi?
    You know what that means :)

  30. :'(
    Good night.

  31. If home is where your heart is,do you live in a ribcage?

  32. Spamming you has become an addiction :()
    How to wean off?

  33. Ohhkkkaaay,
    Someone is around so you cant say anything.
    It could be that you are feelin sleepy also.
    Watching match all day long is hard work.

  34. may be off-topic but I am a big fan of your writing. You are awesome!:-)

    But the only comments I can think of are sarcastic ones. So I am forced to post them anonymously & I have never revealed my real name.

    Some day .....some day...i will tell you who I am!...and you will be surprised!:D

    Till then,
    Ovshake Jeeki Jai!!!

  35. *YAWN*
    I wish you graced a comment on this impoverished.
    You look heavy-lidded with sleep.
    Love and lotsa huggs for a snuggly sleep.
    Good Night Sweetheart.

  36. You dont have to go to office tomorrow,so why not reply?
    wish me goodnight.

  37. *sigh*
    Good Morning Abhishek.

  38. Good Afternoon dearest.
    Hugs and many cuddles.
    How's your day passing?

  39. It has been almost two years since you left Oldmonk.
    Puff some cigars,chocolate ones.
    You'll look grand and mind blowing.
    And a brooder to boot.

  40. Why are you upset with me? Is it because:-
    1) i did not donate.
    2) i post spams.
    3) i do not post enough spams.
    4) your mood in general is sour.
    5) others (please cite)

  41. Hello there!
    You,you,yes yes you.
    Very much you.
    Post a comment and i will unspool the mystery posed by your post 'Shalimaar'. Honest.

  42. I cry,weep,sniffle and dash,breaking butterfly upon a wheel,and the ruthless brute stubs me like a cigarette butt.Mercy.
    How can a writer of such moving posts be such a miser in compassion? O reader of epics,storyteller,charmer,blog broker and an ally of small animals,speak something.

  43. If an ice cream,what flavour you would have been?

  44. Butter-scotch :-P

  45. You have been a cake,now be an icecream.

  46. sometimes-i-just-wanna-go-back-in-time-and-punch-myself-for-all-the-stupid-things-i-have-done

  47. Dont you want-to-meet-yourself-from-someone-elses-point-of-view?

  48. Sorry :(
    Do you miss having a sister? A younger sister specifically?
    I can be if you want one.

  49. Will not post anymore spam comments at all.
    Have troubled you a lot.
    Thank you for bearing with me.

  50. Your daughter looks just like your xerox.

  51. Will not post spams.No not at all.
    You now know the 'flip side' of writing a blog.
    Love ya ovi.

  52. You are my pumpkin bumpkin,
    Hello honey bunny.

    Don't be cynical,
    Dont be skeptical,
    Life unbuttons itself on eveybody.

    P.S -it's not spam.It's a thorough endearment.
    a sliver of wisdom to boot.

  53. Like a peacock dances in the rain
    Like a roach lives in the drain
    Like parasites depend on the host,
    I wait for your posts.

    PS-This no spam; this: entreaty.

  54. Coffee=Magic,
    Magic = harry potter,
    .' , coffee = harry potter.

    Psss: not spam.Syllogism.

  55. Blue bodied Krishna,smeared in yellow and green,chases after you with his watergun and a disarming smile,exhorting you to play this cosmic play with cheery abandon,mercurially smiling at your wry anti social temprament.Happy Holi.


  56. Knock knock
    Who's it?
    Ice cream!
    Ice cream who?
    Icescream if you don't post soon!

  57. You are a very hard nut to crack.
    But without a singlemost doubt you have a marshmallowy core.Don't let this insensitive society rust you or rudify you.I'm liking your blog very much and you too are more than should type more and more blogposts about how hard a nut you are to crack but at the bottomline there is an unconflicting fact that you are a candyfloss rabbit.
    Very sugary indeed. High on sugar you should write.

  58. Okay.Enough is enough.Either say something or delete all my comments. I don't want to ruin your blog.delete all these comments and i will email you by today evening.No gotcha.Honest.Pinky swear.

  59. Helllo,anybody there?

  60. You have to delete first.Else,will not mail/message you at all.Please.

  61. Dear Abhishek,I admit spamming was enjoyable while it lasted where one man's headache became another man's entertainment.But Please be gentle enough to delete these inane messages.I'm ashamed of these virtual footprints of my folly.The purpose was only to coax a post out of you,nothing more.

  62. Please.Please :(
    Is it not in your power to delete them?

  63. Life is a series of distractions before death.
    Nothing really matters.
    So chin up son!


  65. Good night mon petit cherie.
    Sleep on a fluffy cushion of clouds,
    Let this inky night dissolve...


  66. Good morning Abhi :-)

  67. You better sleep like a baby today.
    That's my odrrr



  68. don't stay awake all night trying to figure out the best sleeping position.Rather, sleep on it.
    Nighty night Abi.


  69. ((
    Have a Goodest morning,our Blogstar!

  70. Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.

  71. Much to reflect on this night.
    But for later,Good night.

  72. Life is made up of years that mean nothing and moments that mean it all.

  73. How often do you feel sad?
    Does life make sense?
    What if one feels like giving it all up?

  74. শুভরাত্রি

  75. Good morning and have a calm uneventful day.

  76. As your day turns into night,
    keep your worries out of sight.
    Pull up your quilt and go to sleep,
    For all the dreams are at least yours to keep.

  77. Nocturnal bird,when do u sleep?
    In pangs of love
    Weall lose sleep.
    Even if the love be,
    Of that bludy ipl.

    Goodmorning munchkinn.

  78. French toast,
    French beard,
    French kiss.
    Which is their greatest contribution?
    You can reply through twitter.

    Good night.

  79. When bar companions get drunk and fight,reach for ya hat and wish them goo' night. _/ \_
    (^';'^ ?"
    Goonight fella

  80. Death takes us all.
    It wins.
    Don't delude yourself with tangibles and perishables.
    We all will end,
    And death shall win.

  81. -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-:::: Good Morning ::::/-/-/-/-/-/-

  82. show up on a camel dressed in white,
    with exotic lillies atop that height,
    shouting sonnets in bangla,
    True to your name.
    That's why,
    Abhi-shek :)

    Wish me too else won't wish you.

  83. Good morning.Sunday ahhhh.. tea.newspaper...Bliss

    Don't you want to wish me a good day? Even Trolls have feelings Abhi.Talk to me,gentle sir.
    Or i'll be off forever.

  84. Are you that cage looking for a bird?

  85. To be ill adjusted to a deranged world is not a breakdown, human race,after all,has demeaned itself by running a rat race.

  86. 100th comment of solitude :(

    What was i thinking? Wishing you morning and night will make you talk?
    You showed me you are not mad enough to get provoked.Now tell me you are considerate enough by responding.


  87. Today was a very tough day for me.
    I hope you never have to see such a day.
    I wish destiny is always kind to you.
    And I've decided to msg you whether you bother to reply or not.

  88. Please don't embarrass ayesha takia. burly middle aged man.
    With a pre teenage dotr.

  89. Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?

  90. How else but through a broken heart will God enter.

  91. Ants were bamboozled: even their uncles were ants.

  92. Dogs were bamboozled too; upon discovering they had 319 'bones' in their own body!

  93. Octopuses were bamboozled too.Someone asked if they had eight legs or were they hands.

  94. 42 is the man made answer to the bamboozlement of universe,ironically given by a man named Adam,the first homo sapien.108 is the cosmic answer.The individual numbers 1, 0, and 8 represent one thing, nothing, and infinity.Number of prayer beads and number of gopis? 108. According to buddhism there are 108 feelings inall.108 pressure points activate the body towards bliss in meditation.From a single egoistic being to an existentialist egg to the big bang of infinity within us.Number of silence,prayer,peace and force.108.

  95. Yeah,you gueesed it right.
    enamoured with the word bamboozle.
    It has both bamm and booze in it :D

  96. Please please :'(

  97. Then Ms Crocodile said to her husband: "If the fruits given by the monkey are so sweet,how much sweeter his heart would be!".O dear,i want you to bring me the monkey's heart.

  98. Please :'(

    Flirting with madness is one thing; when madness started flirting back, it's time to call the whole thing off.

  99. Listen to me.We have to reach a negotiation.
    Name your price.

  100. Don't you blame your cranky mornings on me.

  101. You seem to have forgotten the atrocity of a spam a minute; when you thyself had to disable your blog.Are you not sir,prompting another torrent?

  102. “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” - Albert Einstein

    I have learnt my lesson.Will ya delete those now.
    Sweetest pumpkin of godwanaland?

  103. Dearest all,I have posted all these comment as anonymous to increase the popularity of my own blog.I'm a narcissist as I told you in 'myself'.
    Check that out if you havn't.
    Anonymous or not,keep posting.
    Yes yes,even florists and furniturists,you are all very much WELCOME.

  104. Bandicoot is kind of a big rodent.
    His family has not been identified so far.

  105. Anybody reading this blog?
    Help,help.Call nine one one.No,call hundred.
    Nobody loves me.
    Everybody beats me.
    I expunge my pain by writing blogs.
    My blogs speak of my pain.
    Subtextually of course,you nut.
    Save me.Hug me.
    I am Abhishek.
    Alone Abhishek.
    Abhishek alone.

  106. Abhishek
    O Abhishek :D
    A-b-h-i-s-h-e-k :D :D
    I am abhishek.
    Thise who think they are smarter than me are hard-core nuts.They have no sense of reality.I might appear reticent,but i notice everything.I'm passive aggressive and with a single glance i can make you appear like a fool.I have a big mental folder to note exact details as they transpire.My imagination helps me intuit who really are worth my time.Sometimes i try to mislead people,but not horribly so,just to see their reaction and how much they trust me.I project my own anxities on helpless people and heighten them further,this is especially true in case of children.I usually try to be busy to evade existential questions and try hard to be carefree.

  107. ...and i am moody.I have inexplicable mood swings.I often feel life is simple,at other times,it appears very covoluted. I feel even people are twisted who try to be polite on your face,who though are in the same boat as me;are not as innocent.sometimes just to be in line,i try to be like them.I am not ashamed to say,i try to make a mile out of an inch as well.I often feel a misfit too,and i try to feel at home by joking a lot,which has now become a way of life.I feel i'm living a bottled up existence and never compromise security for adventure.Though i look wistfully at those jerks and wish i could be like them in their recklessness.
    If at all,my experimentation is only with food...

  108. ...and i am moody.I have inexplicable mood swings.I often feel life is simple,at other times,it appears very covoluted. I feel even people are twisted who try to be polite on your face,who though are in the same boat as me;are not as innocent.Then sometimes, just to be in line,i try to be like them.I am not ashamed to say,i try to make a mile out of an inch as well.But at heart i'm good.I often feel a misfit too,and i try to feel at home by joking a lot,which,in fact-has now become a way of life.I feel like i'm living a bottled up existence,even though it is my decision never to compromise security for adventure.Though i do look wistfully at those jerks and wish i could be like them in their recklessness,i recognize i'm far from them.
    If at all,my experimentation is only with food.I am Abhishek after all.

  109. My personal space is inviolable;at least i try to maintain one.I can give sympathetic ear to your problems,but would'nt be caught dead sharing mine ;) To speak of my pain is to tarnish it;and even when i feel a bit lost inside,i hardly voice it.
    I hear people and make assumptions about them.Their pitch and demeanour ends up telling me more than they tell and rest my imagination fills in.That's why i'm rather proud of my imagination.I'm Abhishek after all.

  110. This is what has become of me.I feel nostalgic,and hunt for bygone scraps to relive those days.They are gone as i go on too.
    Thanks for your patience,

  111. How many times will you be told that the person writing this blog is an imposter.I'm the real Abhishek.
    The one who can play guitar with his feet,if need be.
    The real gold.The real deal.

  112. In order to write blogs,i take care of my hands and mind.I overthink to sharpen my mental faculties and wash my hands inspector.I'm not the truer,but the truest.You can ask my kid.

  113. Your self-esteem is a jig-saw you can never complete.

  114. What hath night to do with sleep?

  115. Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

  116. “We all need someone to look at us. we can be divided into four categories according to the kind of look we wish to live under. the first category longs for the look of an infinite number of anonymous eyes, in other words, for the look of the public. the second category is made up of people who have a vital need to be looked at by many known eyes. they are the tireless hosts of cocktail parties and dinners. they are happier than the people in the first category, who, when they lose their public, have the feeling that the lights have gone out in the room of their lives. this happens to nearly all of them sooner or later. people in the second category, on the other hand, can always come up with the eyes they need. then there is the third category, the category of people who need to be constantly before the eyes of the person they love. their situation is as dangerous as the situation of people in the first category. one day the eyes of their beloved will close, and the room will go dark. and finally there is the fourth category, the rarest, the category of people who live in the imaginary eyes of those who are not present. they are the dreamers.”

  117. And therein lies the whole of man's plight. Human time does not turn in a circle; it runs ahead in a straight line. That is why man cannot be happy: happiness is the longing for repetition.

  118. ...people don't respect the morning. An alarm clock violently wakes them up, shatters their sleep like the blow of an ax, and they immediately surrender themselves to deadly haste. Can you tell me what kind of day can follow a beginning of such violence?

  119. Remembering our past, carrying it around with us always, may be the necessary requirement for maintaining,the wholeness of the self. To ensure that the self doesn’t shrink, to see that it holds on to its volume, memories have to be watered like potted flowers, and the watering calls for regular contact with the witnesses of the past, that is to say, with friends. They are our mirror; our memory; we ask nothing of them but that they polish the mirror from time to time so we can look at ourselves in it.

  120. “Another image comes to mind: Nietzsche leaving his hotel in Turin. Seeing a horse and a coachman beating it with a whip, Nietzsche went up to the horse and, before the coachman’s very eyes, put his arms around the horse’s neck and burst into tears.

    That took place in 1889, when Nietzsche, too, had removed himself from the world of people. In other words, it was at the time when his mental illness had just erupted. But for that very reason I feel his gesture has broad implications: Nietzsche was trying to apologize to the horse of Descartes. His lunacy (that is, his final break with mankind) began at the very moment he burst into tears over the horse.”

  121. “To be mortal is the most basic human experience, and yet man has never been able to accept it, grasp it, and behave accordingly. Man doesn't know how to be mortal. And when he dies, he doesn't even know how to be dead.”

  122. “The psychological and physiological mechanism of love is so complex that at a certain period in his life a young man must concentrate all his energy on coming to grips with it, and in this way he misses the actual content of the love: the woman he loves. (In this he is much like a young violinist who cannot concentrate on the emotional content of a piece until the technique required to play it comes automatically.)”

  123. Delete these comments Abhishek.
    Let' start afresh.

  124. Existential question: why there are no captchas in here?
    Are you a robot accepting spams?
    In case you are a robot,men can be such pricks-the beauty of which you'll realize when you get spams at an ungodly hour.Or maybe you're an atheist,every hour is ungodly? Sometimes i suspect you remain awake all night waiting for comments.But that could be my imagination.It could be that spam is the cause of your insomnia-or maybe flatulence? And where's captcha again?

  125. My son believes in santa.The problem is-he also believes in ghosts.That's Reality.

  126. I wish terrorists would set off glitter bombs instead,and see everyone smiling for one shining instant.Somewhat like innocent anticipation before the balloon's belly,loaded with sweetmeat, bursts open to happily squealing children at a birthday party.

  127. Goodmorning my salvador dali.
    The day's canvas is ready to be painted.

  128. If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first.

  129. Happiness is the china shop, love is the bull.

    Good Night Pozzo.

  130. Suitcases all weather..bowing out of here...
    *waving cheerily*
    Bye Ovibabu,
    Going on a summer holiday,
    You have fun.
    Be cool as a cucumber-
    Dont be angry angry.
    Be a cool blogger :)

  131. Dear Ovibabu,
    Goodmorning,first of all.
    i had to cut short my vacation and return doubly quick for my identity as anonymous has come under threat.
    I did not send you that message to increase your height which you disseminate to one and all on your facebook page.I see you totally okay with your current height.You are not a giraffe's offspring and are the one who believes in simple living and 'high' thinking(?).
    Please do not forget that there can be many imposters even as anonymous.
    Plus,don't let everyone treat you blog as a urinal or a vomitorium.
    you have a nice day.

  132. I'm not any anonymous.
    I'm 'The anonymous'

  133. Look into the mirror.You'll find Yayati-afraid to grow old and wanting to exchange his youth for childhood.
    He does not know how to age gracefully.

  134. Life is a sexually transmitted disease.
    Loneliness and weeping are its symptoms.

    I feel like an orphan tonight.
    But for you,good night :'(

  135. 1) It's easy to be a humorist when the state govt is working with you.
    2) Smart people are also mean.
    3) beauy often ends up comprimising on brain.
    4) loneliness is a necessity,but a tragedy.
    5) A woman can never make a good butcher.
    6) your child will love you till he grows into an adult.Then he starts judging you.
    7) Marriage is overrated.
    8) children are underrated.
    9) more money will not get you more happiness.
    10) life is allegorical in nature.

  136. Good morning sweety.
    Yes,life's tough.

  137. Watcha doing dear?
    Workin hard to earn unleavend bread?
    Bread and hen and dates for dessert.

  138. Prostitution was not the first or oldest profession.
    Grave-digging was the first.
    These professions also reflected the chief purpose of our lives.To die and to procreate.
    Eros and thanatos.
    And in between stayed life,at the mercy of this duality.

  139. For back-itching problems,
    Sleep supine on a bed of spikes.


    Good night.

  141. Are you Debjani mulhopadhyay's lawyer?
    Are you that abhishek?
    Huh? Huh?
    Speak up liar,lawyer.
    Are you the scamster's cover up artist?

  142. Are you the lawyer of that chit scam pox?
    Are you employing your logic to deceive people?
    I am losing faith in you.
    And you kolkata is under some evil spell,
    Mixing poison of politics in everything.

  143. Your silence confirms your guilt.

  144. As a faithful lurker,i dislike the idea of self-censorship you impose on your blog.Loosen it up.Set it free.Let your blog breathe.


    Good night,our logophile.

  146. Do these comments get automatically posted or you read them before posting? Give me a sign please.
    Good night.

  147. Replies
    1. Yes, Diptee, WOAH indeed. This is what you call persistence.