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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A journey in photographs - V

Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4

You know what this means, correct? I have run out of ideas to write, and will hence fall back on interesting photographs I have acquired from various sources. Of course, I have clicked most of them myself, but then, there have been other sources as well.

Here we go, then.


Exhibit 1: This was clicked near IIT Delhi. Some people may recognise it. Unfortunately, it would probably take a Bengali to appreciate this. Kathi would lose its charm in translation.

Exhibit 2: A place I worked at during my Gurgaon stint had a lot of restrictions under a lot of categories regarding websites. I liked this one the best.

Exhibit 3: Clicked at Sealdah Station, no less. I'm sure there are a lot of literate emus lurking around what is generally accepted as the the busiest station in the world.

Exhibit 4: This was clicked at Gurgaon as well. I apologise for the lack of clarity in the photograph, but I can hardly 
be blamed if I could not remain still while clicking this one.

Exhibit 5: Also at Gurgaon. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Exhibit 6: Sometimes the shop-owners need to be a bit careful when it comes to transliteration. This one was clicked at Andheri by Shubham Nag.

Exhibit 7: Self-explanatory. I cannot recall whether I had clicked (if yes, then the location) or acquired (if yes, then from whom or where) this one.

Exhibit 8: I love meat. I cannot help loving meat. However, referring to lamb as "may may" is somewhat derogatory. Or maybe it's just me. Clicked at a Vashi restaurant.

Exhibit 9: This is probably the only shoe shop in the world that endorses the missionary style, or any coital posture. Near Shatadeep Complex, Gariahat.

Exhibit 10: I had certainly not clicked this, for had I clicked this I would have remembered the place. This was sent to me by someone. Will someone own up?

Exhibit 11: Near Deshapriya Park. I am completely clueless regarding what this utterly innocuous shop had done to have earned this name.

Exhibit 12: Somewhere in Kolkata, possibly in Golf Green, possibly not. Question: would you brave yourself and have consulted a dental surgeon of this name?

Exhibit 13: At Woodlands Hospital. If you are in a hurry, then may I suggest the staircase.

Exhibit 14: I do not recall where; and I could never realise why.

Exhibit 15: At Gariahat Spencer's. This is why you need precise directions and should not compromise on arrows.


  1. Replies
    1. That is two smileys less than Mlvk.

    2. Yep! She is a smart- figured out that irrespective of how many 'smileys' (I always thought the were spelt 'smilies') your readers post, you will respond with only one. :P

  2. besh .... hauz khas er samner sei photota nei?

  3. Oh come on - the emus don't need to be literate - the emu-riders can be illiterate!

  4. 1. Probably my imagination is not good enough. What exactly is this Kathi that is sold by booksellers?
    3. Yes, EMUs always puzzled me till I somehow found out the abbreviation.
    4. What were they offering? Cutting hair with finger/scissors, cutting hair so that fingers of hair stayed on like the guy in the picture? While this is the literal meaning, I understand they did not mean to cut hair on people's fingers.
    8. Not just derogatory but animal-racist if that may be a word? Note that murgh is not cluck-cluck, but lamb is may-may. Both of these sound description suck by the way ... may needs to have some expression of wavering. But if I were to eat there, I would be worried of other things:
    like the may may is 'kaccha', but no mention of such things for other stuff. But what is Macchi ki Biryani? Not that I would ever care to try it.
    11. Maybe they get people to buy stuff from there in the hopes of seeing one?
    12. Pyne probably? In her defence, maybe her name would promise patients who could not eat anything, the option of eating bread. I actually know a few people whose last name is Pain. Maybe it is as common as a "Baker" among the English.
    14. Now that is derogatory!

    1. 1. Kathi roll. The name our Kolkata roll is referred to by the rest of the world.
      2. What is the abbreviation?
      3. Do you think I would have dared to enter?
      4. Trust Mumbai cuisine (which is an oxymoron) to come up with machchhi ki biriyani.

    2. 1. Wow. I would not shorten Kathi roll to Kathi unless the context had been clearly established to be food.
      2. Electric Multiple Units. Refers to the 'local' trains.

  5. Heavy hoyechhe... ei nao ar ekta... bangalore e

  6. also take a look at my humble collection:

    1. This looks tempting. Don't blame me if I nick a few!

  7. :D :D Have shared it on my FB wall.