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Sunday, May 7, 2017

A book you ought to buy; and read

The sequence of events is somewhat like this.

I once wrote a short story. It was not really Maupassantesque, but I have written worse.

Some nice people at Writersmelon thought it was worth printing. Their awesomeness did not end there. They thought the same for a lot of other cool writers who penned down some beautiful stories.

So they made an anthology called Jukebox.

As a direct result, you will get to do what you have always wanted to: read something I wrote in print.

But the fun does not end here. The best bit is perhaps the fact that you do not have to sell a kidney for this; or even a kidney bean.

Okay, maybe a few kidney beans, but 220 rupees is perhaps as cheap as you can get for this amazing anthology.

If you do not believe me, check here, on amazon. Buy it. It costs less than a multiplex ticket or random McDonald's meals.

Buy it for the sake of literature. Buy it for us. Buy it for you.

Most importantly, give me the chance to sign a book.


  1. This is great! Is this a new store or one that may have been read on the web before? Anyway, as I have said before, many of your writings are really good and should make their way into books. I am glad this is moving forward, and hope to see more in the same way. Am certainly going to buy the book! (though I do wish I could have bought a kindle version instead)

  2. Ordering right away! Congratulations, Da :D

  3. Congratulations!!Will buy!Also had a great time reading Bongpen 75...