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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The 50,000 guy

Are o Sambha, kitna inaam rakhe hain sarkar hum par?
Poore pachaas hazaar.

We all know this by heart, don't we? Remember, how we had reacted to a chunk of our childhood been taken away when Amjad Khan was no more? Yesterday we lost Sambha as well. Few of us know that his name was Mac Mohan (I'm going by the IMDB spelling), and the fact that he was Raveena Tandon's uncle (mama) or the fact that he has acted in other superhits like Heera Panna, Zanjeer, Don, Kaala Patthar, Shaan, Karz, Qurbani and Aankhen. Sambha was so popular that he was asked to say the same line (poore pachaas hazaar) in his role as an instructing actor in a school in Luck by Chance.

However, it is my responsibility to crush a myth here, I suppose. I've heard many people who claim that poore pachaas hazaar was Mac Mohan's only line in Sholay. It wasn't. Check the video below, dragging it to 1:30 minutes. As Ahmed (Sachin) rides on horseback past Gabbar's henchmen playing cards in an absolutely random location, Sambha utters his second and last line of the movie:
Chal be Janga, cheedi ki raani hai.


  1. amar choto theke baro hoa obdi ei vadro lok er cheharar kono poribarton dekhini...

  2. He had bigger and role in other movies (e.g. Kalapathar) but we remember him for Sholay only. Sholay has defined style many actors in bollywood. Apart from Mohan Makhijaney (his original name), Biju Khote, Asrani and Jagdeep and their style became immortal after sholay. I feel that Mac was famous for the dialog, but people registered him more for the hema malini dance sequence at Gabbar's Den.