Thursday, September 16, 2010

The new generation sedative

Visualise this. You hear something really funny. So funny that you laugh out loud, really loud. Then, as soon as you're through with the laughter, you fall asleep, snoring profusely.

When I first thought of this, my first reaction was that it is not possible. No one can start snoring immediately after he laughs out loud.

However, the younger generation (or the SMS generation, as they call it) has definitely found out a way to do it. I have seen them type it as a reaction to really funny stuff online, in various forums, blogs, email chains, and possibly in chats as well (though none of my acquaintances are as equipped as them to have trained their bodies in such a fashion).

They simply say lolzzzzzzz... (the number of z's may vary, though).



  1. and they sleepily have removed all the vowels from their words!

  2. ovishek da, any comment about 'tatazzzzzz' plz!! :)