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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Whatever happens at 3.30 PM Indian Standard Time today, please, please, please do not lose your temper. It's not worth it. We've seen it all in 1946. In 1992. Before that. After that. We do not want an encore.

For once, I'm really afraid, petrified that something equivalent is simmering, and is about to explode in a few hours. Please abstain from violence. Whatever happens, it shall still remain a beautiful world. Nothing, absolutely nothing is more valuable than innocent human lives.

Remember A K Hangal. Live as long as him (with a static look, too). Remember her. Let others live the way she did. If you really feel like doing anything, stop the culprits. Do not have a go at the innocents. Please. The person you feel like thrashing is probably as innocent as you, or as the smiling infant who is most precious to you.

Please. It's seriously not worth it. The world is taking giant leaps forward. Let us stop making news for all kinds of wrong reasons. Let us show everyone that whatever they think about us is wrong. Let us show that we shall not be provoked any more, drawn into acts of violence of any kind.

I haven't been this scared about my countrymen for a long time. Nothing will happen, right?


Postscript (three and a half hours after the verdict): Thank you for the verdict. You solved it so simply by converting the land into a Draupadi with valency three.

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