Friday, February 4, 2011

Not registered

This was Delhi, the winter of 1998-99. I had recently been introduced to the world of sweatshirts and sweatpants: having acquired several Rs 75/- sweatshirts from Sarojini Nagar footpath sellers, I decided to move on two sweatpants, being priced at Rs 120/-.

Given my physique, getting one to fit me was not a simple ask. It was different in Delhi. The people were huge, as a rule, so that left me with choice.

I rummaged through the assortment of sweatpants in search of something unique. And then, amidst all the sober colours, this caught my eye:
NOT REGISTERED is the name that guarantees the highest quality level to people who are tired of spending their money on expensive rubbish with ridiculous brand names
Despite it being hideously green, I knew I had to buy this one.

I still have it, and am not shy to wear it (albeit at home). I had to buy it, right? Did I really have an option?


  1. It says "Not Registred". Pliss to note Spelling Mishtake.