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Monday, March 29, 2010

O Dimple, my Dimple...

Had you grown up in India in the 1980s, Saagar was one of those inevitables from which you couldn't escape. You had to watch Kamal Hassan and Rishi Kapoor, and that Nantie Hayward-lookalike Madhur Jaffrey along with the RD-Kishore masterpieces and the awesome backdrop of the sea.

However, given all that, it cannot be denied that the most lasting memory of the movie continues to be that moment: a funfair, chehra hai ya in the background, and Dimple running in whites, in super-slow motion to the tune of lalalaa-lala, lalalaa-lala, lalalaa-lalaa...

The build-up to the scene was supposed to be awesome: RD and Kishore at their best, Dimple running with a sunset and a Fenris Wheel as a backdrop, well, it was supposed to be romantic. Why does my face break into a smile, even a laughter, is something that I shall never understand.

But the fact remains that I love watching my Dimple this way. I can watch her run effortlessly for ages, my lips automatically twitching into an irresistible smile, yet that magical fondness that only timelessness can create.

I feel like replaying the song even as I write this. And again. And over and over. :D