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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wing root

According to Wikipedia, a wing root in a fixed-wing aircraft is that part of the wing that is closest to the fuselage. When I flew international for the first time (on British Airways) the temptation of an awesome view prompted me to sacrifice precious leg-space and opt for a window seat.

What I did not realise was the fact that being next to the root wing would ruin my prospects of having a visually perfect journey. I had a nice view of the wing, though, and still remember vividly the minuscule spot where the paint was marred.

Though I have not-too-good memories about them, I love the phrase. As a colleague has pointed out, no living being possesses roots and wings at the same time. But then, man has been able to invent phrases that do. Some day I shall possibly find out people who do the same as well.

Till then, jis subah ki khatir jug jug se hum sab mar mar kar jeete hain...

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  1. "There are but two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots, the other, wings."

    Roots signify a child's foundation, a definition of who he is and where he comes from. Wings, on the other hand, are his means of leaving the security of the familiar in order to discover new horizons. [-Google]