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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"This thing can be done."

Disclaimer: I'm aware of the fact that thousands of pages have been written on this very day's play, including Cardus' famous piece. This is not going to be literature of any kind - it's just that I felt on writing on it.

29th August, 1882. It was the only test of the tour, and day one had ended with England being bowled out for 101 after dismissing Australia for 63. This was day two.

And then, Massie helped Australia amass 122, leaving England a paltry 85 to chase. Spofforth, fresh from his 7/46 in the first innings, uttered the famous five-letter sentence that has gone down in the history of the game. He bowled unchanged to take 7/44 to dismiss England for 77 (from 51/2 at one stage).

We've seen more dramatic matches, though not many. However, few matches have triggered as much aura, as much history as this one. But perhaps the most striking feature of the match was Spofforth's famous exclamation: "This thing can be done" and the perfect execution of his vow. I wish I could make such vows myself and adhere to them for the rest of my life. I suppose I'm not gifted enough.


  1. Needs some correction - England being bowled out for 101 after dismissing England for 63

  2. Ei match-ta niye Cardus-er bornona-ta bhishon Sundar!! And yes, amio chai je jiboner je kono stage-e jeno bolte pari, 'This thing can be done!'