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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Beach

I had a new dream yesterday night. Okay, I've had many dreams that have struck me, but this one, somehow, seemed worthy of a blog post.

It wasn't anything sensational. It was about a beach. I lay there, face down, buried on the sand. The sand was loose, almost like quicksand, and I felt like digging my entire body inside. However, as the Sun came out, the heat became unbearable, I rolled towards the quagmire next to the sea. Or maybe next to the ocean. Or whatever, I'm not sure.

The muddy feeling was soothing on my nerves. It was softness like I've never imagined before. My body created an imprint within a minute, and with every roaring splash of the wave I started to sink in deeper, closer to the bowels of the earth.

Somehow, even with my face buried deep into the muddy frontiers of the ocean, I could see the entire scene. The ocean was green. Very green. The sand was infinite. There was not a single soul on the beach barring myself.

And there I was, sinking deeper, deeper, deeper into the bowels of the clay, deeper, further, further, till I was covered in mud, till I could no longer breathe the suffocating pollution around me, till there was no more pain, no suffocation, just sleep and peace and bliss and oblivion and infinite shelter and nothing to worry about and absoluteness and everything and I don't have an idea what and all kinds of things you only dream of...

Well, yes. You can only dream of them, and wake up at some point of time.

Keep dreaming, Abhishek. :D

PS: I did a Google Images search, but couldn't find a beach that soothing or an ocean that green or a mire that inviting. So this one shall have to go without an image, I suppose. If anyone can find me an image, do let me know.

Picture courtesy: Sinjini Sengupta


  1. the image is already there in reader's mind.... sottiiii odvut!!!

  2. maybe its u r conscious begging you to do something for Mother Earth

    I used the term maybe

  3. electrifying, shortlyApril 26, 2010 at 10:59 PM

    Dialing Freud, hello? hello?

  4. You should be left alone on an island for a month,without any contect with the outside world and food supplies alone,given that,like a bollywood heroine,you convey more through sighs now.

    1. Did you notice the date on which this was published? :)

    2. Ironically,it looked like one of the posts that spoke of the unconscious.
      My bad.

    3. Maybe it did. One can never be sure of these things.

  5. I had made up my mind to not use quotes to comment (given the recent overdose), but this one just could not be expressed otherwise!

    “Kokhono, raat-pori ashey chupisharey
    Haat rakhey boro sabdhane
    Jae, kara shomodro snan-e jae..”


    “Ami kokhono jaini jol-e, kokhono bhashini neel-e
    Kokhono rakhini chokh, dana mela gang-cheel e,
    Abar jedin tumi shomudro snan-e jabey
    Amakeo sathe nebey, nebey to amaye?”

    (Okay. Spare me the obvious comment!)