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Monday, June 14, 2010


When I grew up I was told that in the entertainment industry women had to do unspeakable things for money: they had to stoop to levels hitherto unthinkable in decent families. I used to shudder at such thoughts, and was quite content during my adolescence that I wasn't a girl with aspiring Bollywood dreams in my heart.

Whatever shady levels I had imagined for the innocent, helpless girls would stoop to, I had always thought they'd never go beneath a certain level. But that was before today morning, when I came across a commercial on TV.

It was Asin; Asin of an incredible stature in The South, but of Ghajini and London Dreams fame to me. There she was, displaying her bare left armpit, showing how much sweat was accumulated (too close to the camera for possibly the man behind the lens to have an uncomfortable sniff) and lecturing the audience on how controlled the pH level of her armpit perspiration as a result of usage of so-and-so deodorant (can't recall the name, but Rexona won't be a poor guess; I could only see Hindustan Unilever Limited at the end).

Beat that.

The media had miniskirts in the 1970s, spaghetti tops in the 1980s, lingerie in the 1990s and ample flesh in the 2000s. Welcome to the 2010s - leading actresses analysing their sweaty armpits. I wonder what the 2020s have in store. Urinating baboons, perhaps.


PS: I shall try to upload the video as soon as possible. Meanwhile, remain happy with the picture. And don't tell me you had, for one split second, tried to look at where her left armpit should be.


Edit: The video is here! And it's not Rexona, but Sure. I hope the same applies to her mentality towards whatever she's doing. I know I should've added the Hindi version, but the Tamil version is too good to miss out on.



  1. " was quite content during my adolescence that I wasn't a girl with aspiring Bollywood dreams in my heart"