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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Zero is my favourite number. 42 is my favourite positive number. But if I'm asked (why anyone would ask me such a question is entirely another issue) to choose a number that I have found strangely entangled with my life, I'd possibly choose 29.

For a start, I've spent the best years of my life at Kolkata 29.

Carrom, one of those things in life that I always wanted to excel at but never could, is won by whoever reaches 29 points earlier.

29 is also the greatest card game ever invented. The sequence involved in the game, J 9 A 10 K Q 8 7, would possibly rank as the third-most popular ever, after Fibonacci's sequence and the Gunda sequence (xi=2i, i=1,2,3,4,5, x6="bus", about 500 times more profound when said in Hindi).

The first number that really got me hooked towards mathematics was 1729, Ramanujan's number (and the story involved).

You get to see werewolves every 29 days (approximately).

29th February remains my favourite date of the calendar.

I've grown up on stories of Gavaskar emulating Bradman's world record of 29 test hundreds with his fastest ton, then going past the record with 236*, a number that remained the highest score by an Indian for over 17 years.

Irfan Pathan became the first bowler in the history of the game to take a hat-trick in the first over of a test on the 29th day of (January) 2006. I also turned 29 that year.

29x4=116, the number of moonlit nights to be associated with kaandhe ka til.

It's also the number of knuts per sickle.

Above all, the 29th day every year is celebrated as Feast Day.


  1. obsessed with 29 i guess.Ar onno kichhui ki peli na obsession show korar moto?

  2. gunda sequence er galpo ta ki ? may be a previous post i missed ?

  3. Eki, sequenceta to obvious, formula diye dilam to!

  4. :D gunda sequence ta ghyam diyeacho....
    tobe movie ta keu aage na dekhle sequence er funda ta enjoy korte paarbena,....

  5. If u replace the last two digits of 236 by sum of them ( 3+6=9, replacing 36 by 9, we get 29) u get your favourite number.Does'nt make sense though.

  6. offf...bujhlam aboseshe ei link ta theke. bhul bhaal sequence jato...

  7. Bhul sequence achhe linktay. There was never, and cannot be, anything ODD about Gunda. It's all about even numbers:
    "Do, char, chhe, aat, dus. Bus."

    Simple, ruthless, elegant, grotesque.

  8. bah.. feast day ta besh idea... (dyakh tui kato kichu likhli, ami sudhu eitai note korlam!) :)

  9. hmmm.... bujhlam 29 er byaparta.. :)