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Friday, September 10, 2010


At a very nascent stage I was under the impression that a doormat was called WELCOME in English. I was also under the impression that USE ME was a very apt synonym for a dustbin.


At a very young age I went to see my first movie in a theatre, The Dark Night was Over. I'm sure I've got the name wrong, since I cannot find it anywhere on the internet. All I remember is that it was about a blind girl.

So there I was, mystified by the aura of being in a theatre for the first time, surrounded by my classmates and teachers (yes, my school took me to a movie), groping inside my school bag for my tiffin-box and finishing my lunch as I watched the movie without understanding a lot.

As I returned home, my parents asked me about the movie. It was brilliant, I lied confidently. They asked me the name of the theatre. I was clueless. They dropped a hint - it was written somewhere on the walls, somewhere close to the doors, they said. My prodigal brain lit up - of course I knew what it was called.

"EXIT!" I exclaimed.

I shall never forget the look on their faces. It took me a few years to realise why a single word brought about so much exasperation on their looks.


PS: Okay, I lied about the dustbin and USE ME bit. But then, someone had said that no one should compromise on the quality of a story for the sake of trivial stuff like honesty.


PS 2: Okay, I lied again, it was my own quote. But then, I've made my point, haven't I?


  1. If you would not write PS 2 then I would definitely have asked who had said this? However, nice post!

  2. ami wheel er add dekhe lebur enraji bolechhilam wheel.
    baba maa ghabre gechilo eta sune.