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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The fun has just begun, #HokKolorob

I do not know whose hand this is. Arijit Chakraborty had uploaded this.
Wake up, little ones. You have had a good weekend’s sleep. War has resumed. They have struck another blow. Put your armour on. Wield your scimitar. It is time again.

As I had warned before, war has begun. We are not discussing their rally earlier today, which had, as expected, turned out to be a damp squib. In fact, it turned out to be so hilarious that I have decided to watch it if something tragic happens to me in future.

Check for yourself.

But that is not the real threat. The talons have been sharpened behind those iron doors. The fangs have come out. As the #HokKolorob fraternity knows by now, they have gone for the obvious target: the father of the (mysteriously near-nameless) lady in question.

We know his reaction. Mr Father does not have an issue with the ruling party or the Vice-Chancellor. Was he threatened? Was he bribed? We will never know the truth.

Or maybe we will.

But that is hardly the issue here. They have made an attempt to dent our biggest armour: solidarity.

Do realise the gravity of the situation. They will not dare touch us one by one, because they knew #HokKolorob is a hundred thousand strong, that too only if we count the physical presence on a rainy afternoon in Kolkata.

They will try to target the others, especially the war-heroes that were bruised and had been held prisoners. They will go after them with the single-minded intention of separating them from each other; worse, from #HokKolorob.

They will try to terrorise #HokKolorob. Do not fear. They have probably realised the power of social media by now. They had thought they had got away that night. They did not expect #HokKolorob to happen — but it did. We did turn up in thousands. They could not raise a finger at us as our representatives braved the rain and the barricade and met The Governor.

#HokKolorob has used social media to great extent till now. Let us continue to do the same. As long as they know the #HokKolorob fraternity is closely connected to each other they will not dare to strike a blow.

But what if they do? What if a bunch visit your place and threaten you, or worse, your family? Please do not risk your life or put your family at risk for the cause. We do not want martyrs.


If they come at us and you decide to quit the battle for perfectly valid reasons, do warn #HokKolorob on social media. By now you know who the key people are. Let them know exactly what they are up to, so that #HokKolorob can prepare ourselves and think a step ahead.

Do not worry. The think-tank of the mission know well. They will not reveal your identity. But information is crucial to them. You will not be considered a coward. If anything, you will be as much a hero as any of #HokKolorob, since #HokKolorob knows it will break your heart to opt out.

#HokKolorob will not disown you, and neither should your conscience. Just keep #HokKolorob informed. We will be as proud of you as we are now.

It seemed rather one-sided till today. Crushing them will be more fun now. 



  1. The tears that trickle, the fire that burns, the love that lusts when I watch them live on TV or browse them on the net go missing when I read what you write. And this is the third time in a row. You no longer write from your inside, I think. That's a loss. Huge.

    But howsoever, #hokkolorob. Nevertheless.

    1. When a war is on one cannot afford to go down all guns blazing and run out of fuel in an hour.

      But then, to each his/her own, I guess. #HokKolorob

  2. Replies
    1. হাল্লার রাজার মত শোনাল। কিন্তু #HokKolorob চলুক!