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Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm sick and tired of going around telling this, but for Tendulkar's sake, HOLLAND IS NOT THE NAME OF A COUNTRY. It's Netherlands. There are two states in the country of Netherlands that are called North and South Holland. I know that many people do refer to Netherlands by the name Holland (they're quite logical to do so; all three big Dutch cities - Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam - are located in Holland), but the thing is, how would it feel like, if we started referring to India as Maharashtra or Punjab or whatever all of a sudden? Naturally it infuriates the people residing in other parts of the country. And however logical it might sound, given the importance of the area, it's not official, and is hence wrong.

Why would we, Indians, known for our knowledge and intellect, commit this irritating mistake, time and again? Isn't it time we rectify ourselves, given that Netherlands is on the verge of probable history in just over an hour?


1. True, referring to Netherlands as Holland drives me nuts, but this is nowhere close to people pronouncing Wagon R (Maruti) as Wagner. You know what I mean, don't you?
2. I'm supporting Spain tonight.
3. I'm suddenly elated to learn that Salim-Sulaiman are the main composers of Waka waka. Suddenly I've started developing a totally unAbhishekish affinity towards the stupid song.


  1. I love to say 'Holland'!

  2. I agree with you ovi da....

    "Holland" is the name for two of the 12 provinces in the Netherlands - namely Noord-Holland where Amsterdam is located for instance & Zuid Holland where Den Haag (the Hague) is located

    The correct name for the country is Nederland in Dutch (language) and translated to English this is of course the Netherlands

    But I disagree that Spain will win this time...

    'It will be only "ORANGE" this summer'

  3. good one!! but i want holland no netherlands to win 2nite!! they deserve some glory!!

  4. "Tendulkar" shake??!! :P...
    I prefer to say Holland -> Hole land :P

  5. Now spain is world champion.
    Octopus(pal) er kotha mile gelo...