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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Memories of Tintin

Had there been a game called what-name-comes-to-your-mind-when-I-name-a-country (Brazil: Pele, Germany: Hitler, South Africa: Mandela, Colombia: Shakira), I suppose the obvious response to Belgium shall be Tintin.

And had there been one called what-physical-feature-comes-to-your-mind-when-I-name-a-person (Buddha: ears, Tagore: beard, Merv Hughes: moustache, Angelina Jolie: lips, Pamela Anderson: okay...), I suppose the obvious response to Tintin shall be the unmistakeable tuft of hair.

Just remembered how Goscinny and Uderzo used both of these to amazing effect to pay a tribute to Hergé in Asterix the Legionary. First, they introduce Gastronomix's nationality, with a helmet on:
Then, as Gastronomix removes his helmet, we get to see the familiar tuft of hair, that too in the same colour...
Gastronomix is fourth from left
Some men really knew how to create magic out of subtlety, and still be humble enough to pay tribute to the fiercest contemporary rival.



  1. tintin er tuft of hair ta shottyi bhishon cute.and off course not to forget snowy.

  2. tor kachhe ki Tintin series achhe???? amay dhaar dibi????

  3. I didnt know about that..Goscinny is just awesome..

  4. Hey, this post is crispy- TINTIN & Asterix!

    blistering barnacles....ten thousand thundering typhoons...
    Great Snakes!.....

    These terms till date breaks us free between hassles :)
    Especially the case persuasion by Thomson & Thomson...Research methodologies by Prof Calculus keeps us goin.
    If investigative reporters would have Snowy!

    While recalling Tintin again it takes us back to the pages of Anandamela..& The Week magazine...Periodically Tintin stories were published.

    Yet is heartening to find "Bangla" is the only Indian/Bangladeshi language in which Tintin has been published.

    Nowadays "Black & White" versions of Tintin is being published & available...It is cool to reinvent Tintin in its true and earlier Black & White Color.

  5. You know something! these pics whisper in my ears-"Joydeep, time to rejuvenate !!"
    Thank you for this and everything :)