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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The suicide queen

Whenever I see Kangana Ranaut, suicide is the first word that crosses my mind, despite the fact that she has seldom been seen on screen in anything that can't be classified as skimpy.

She has appeared in eight Bollywood movies. I've watched seven of them, with the single exception of Vaada Raha... I Promise.

Sane and well-clad, for a change
Of these seven I would think Shakalaka Boom Boom is the only one where she had portrayed what you call a perfectly normal role. The other six, however, gave me the bizarre feeling that she's not that keen on playing what you call a routine performance. For example, she
  • looked insane (though she didn't portray the role of one) throughout Kites
  • was possessed by a ghost in Raaz - The Mystery Continues
  • was a model who went downhill, turned insane and committed suicide in Fashion (the only movie where I liked her performance on a serious note)
  • was saved in the nick of time while attempting a suicide in Life in a... Metro
  • played an entirely insane character who (yes, you've guessed it) committed suicide in Woh Lamhe
But nothing, absolutely nothing compares to what she did in her debut movie. Consider this: the penultimate scene of Gangster, where Simran (portrayed by our lady herself) confronts Akash (Emraan Hashmi) in his apartment. She shoots him, fatally, but while running out of the building Akash shoots her back, twice (possibly).

An ordinary individual would've remained satisfied with those blows and would've died in peace. Not Kangana. She was so obsessed with the idea of a suicide that with blood all over herself she ran through the streets, reached a (possibly random) building, climbed to the terrace and, yes, had a free fall...

Beat that.


  1. ..and you have watched all these movies??!!?? why? oh, why?

    among that list i've seen only raaz 2. forgettable.

    any thoughts about inception?

  2. akhono ato cinema dekhar shomoy ba interest pash kotha theke?

  3. Kangana suicide tips diyei cholechhe..dekha jaak aar ki ki notun tips paowa jaay..:)

  4. i like her a lot.. she's damn pretty. she's bit different!

  5. I wonder how she manages to get the roles she gets....have watched 3 so far (metro, fashion, lamhe).... pray please get rid of your lisp and get some diction training to start with! Acting classes should follow closely.

  6. That free-fall is awesome. That's something you feel when you cliff-jump. At Hrishikesh.