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Friday, July 30, 2010

What the...

Just as the third match of this seriously WTF series is been played, I've come across another equally, if not more, serious WTF stuff. Diego Forlan is in Kolkata right now.

Diego Forlan. The Diego Forlan. Winner of lots of trophies, including The Golden Ball at the FIFA World Cup 2010. Less than a month back. I mean, we've seen champion footballers visit the city, but it's always men who have retired ages back - to the extent that people often ask themselves "now, where have I heard that name...?"

But FORLAN? Isn't he the man of the moment? Awarded the best player in the biggest sport event in the world, already a living legend, what is he doing in a country that's currently ranked 132nd in FIFA rankings, a couple of weeks after he won that coveted award? That too with a girlfriend as ooooooh as Zaira Nara (is she in town as well? Google her, guys, she is good...)? I mean, WHY? Why on Earth? Has he really run out of better things to do?

I mean, in a solid, imposing barritone, W. T. F.????