Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A few years back someone had taught me that there's no f in Bengali: only ph. The difference is not as subtle as it sounds like. If you can't get it, leave a comment: I shall explain.

Let's not divert. For the very same reason there's no v in Bengali either: only bh. Hence Abhishek should always be written as Abhishek or Abhisek (there's no mapping of ষ in English, hence the ambiguity). However, there have been occasions, well, I shudder to write this, I've seen people write my name using a V: Avishek.


How, oh how, can one be such a callous, crude, ruthless vandal? Have these people no sense of what goes through the hearts of the millions of Abhisheks around the world as they tumble across such macabre, gruesome insanity? My blood boils, as it's supposed to, when I realise that the penal code doesn't mention any punishment whatsoever for such atrocities. Hence they continue to happen...

Had I had my way, I'd have inflicted serious torture upon these Avi-monsters, made a video recording and created a .avi file out of it.



  1. exacly...... I actually feel anger and become extremely ferocious,( mentally) who use "v" in place of "ab" to write Abhisek or Abhishek.I tink those people don't have any right to live any more and to be hanged till DEATH................

  2. I like the style of punishment... that .avi thing!! ha ha.. lolzz :D

  3. nice portrayal but tell me frankly does f and ph mentioned is as simple as they look or do u mean a more meaningful thing in explain.

  4. "Avishake" da - valo blog ! :D

  5. fool (flower)na phool...vool na bhool....:D

  6. I always believed that spelling should be phonetically, especially proper nouns.

    Reminds me of a friend who had to stand up for every new teacher & say "its Sanmitro & not Sanmitra"

  7. Pawra shuru kortei bujhechhilaam tui .avi er dike jaabi sheshe....