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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random facts

Recently someone tried to sell me Valium and Viagra using the same spam email; I'm really curious: has anyone ever needed both together?

I have watched a Rakesh Roshan movie called Khudgarz casting Jeetendra and Shatrughan Sinha (yes, Jeetendra and Shatrughan Sinha, both of them) and have actually liked the movie.

Douglas Adams had a collection of 24 left-handed guitars. I'm not sure whether he was left-handed himself, though.

Till a couple of minutes back there was only one Dharmendra fan in my office as per my knowledge. The count has doubled. And both of them are quite rational people, otherwise.

Chris Martin is definitely one of those cricketers whose batting statistics I follow very closely throughout the year.

I still don't know why the Bobby Deol-starrer Soldier was called so.

Fair and Lovely istemaal to main kar rahi hoon; asar inpe ho raha hai is the most irritating ad line I've ever heard. It drives me nuts.

Sonam's real name was Bhaktawar (Danny had this name in Hum); she is also Raza Murad's niece. I love both pieces of information.

I don't have a Twitter account. My father does.

I prefer copper to gold and silver.

Among my friends I'm the only serious fan of Mukesh that I'm aware of.

I've vowed not to go for an IPL match at a cricket ground or at a movie theatre. The resolution is getting stronger with the passage of time.

There's really a book called The Vampire and the Virgin. I've seen it at Crossword.


  1. eto tai random bole valo laglo...

  2. two Dharmendra fans in office....who?

    Uncle is on twitter...whoaaa:) father (also mother) don't even know how to use IM...grrr

    I prefer silver to gold :)

  3. Don't you think The NIRMA (washing powder Nirma) ad is just as irritating......if not more...

    Surprised you DON"T have a Twitter Account....