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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Over 10 years back I had been to PVR to watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with four friends of mine. Rarely had a film annoyed me so much; rarely had a film taken to me so close to the brink of taking a vow to quit watching Bollywood movies altogether; it was remarkably difficult sitting through the three (or was it thirty?) hours, possibly the longest three hours of my life.

I'm not one of those people who talk a lot during movies; so I had been preparing myself to have a blast at the movie as soon as it was over.

Alas! The other four, huge SRK fans (almost) all of them, somehow thought it was an awesome production, and they went on, animatedly, on how brilliant the script and performances and whatever were. I was left so speechless, dumbfounded and awestruck that I was unable to utter a single word in protest.

Now that I have my own blog, it's time to let Partha, Arnab, Gitanjali and Alapon know that I had absolutely loathed the movie. LOATHED.


  1. Circa 1998? 1999?

    4 kids from Calcutta soaking in the multiplex experience. Very different from watching "My Name is Khan" with my wife in the same city. Everyone's older - actors, audience(me) and even Karan Johar is older (visible from the clothes he dresses the actors in these days)The fascination with US continues - earlier it was basketball, now heroines maintain water level of Hudson in the hot New York summer. I mean, they cry into it, not...

    Rs. 100 from my stipend money for that movie. Did not like it. Was not an SRK fan then (I think I was almost) but I like him now.

    Sure the movie was/is crappy but the memory is not. Given a chance, will do it again with you guys.

  2. it's a blockbuster & it deserved to be..

  3. what can i say? just thank yourself and the luck of your fourteen preceeding generations that the movie was not "mohabbatein". else you would not have forgiven yourself. ever. i haven't. :(

  4. i can't react to this as u know i am an diehard srk fan and kkhh is also one of my favourites and can't join u in this.

  5. electrifying, shortlyApril 26, 2010 at 10:55 PM

    and the worst part is how it seeped into the popular culture...e.g. (1) complete white lucknow chikan salwar kameez and red bandhni dupatta suddenly became very popular among college gals, (2) all the "dosts" started hoping that they would be able to signal their "pyaar" by raising a hand to answer a question, (3) jilted ones seriously hoped that through some tragic turmoil the "pehla pyaar" would not go "adhura", (4) parents assumed all 8 year olds would be as tussie-paka as the one shown...