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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Suniel in Border

I know multiple people (and quite rational ones, trust me) who can swear by Border. They claim it was a masterpiece. Well, any movie that dares to cast Sunny Deol, Suniel Shetty and Jackie Shroff together is definitely a masterpiece by sheer definition. But this one had more to it.

Despite the fact that Sunny and Jackie competed with each other whenever they could, Suniel Shetty definitely stole the show. His appearance, to start with, was simply too good to be true: he lay on the desert sand, trying his best to dig himself a few feet beneath the surface, and when addressed by his senior, he responded that the desert sand had always (could it have been otherwise?) been his mother, and he gets his much-craved-for sukoon when he lay on the surface.

However, this was nothing when compared to the climax. Imagine this: he was already shred to pieces by something like a hundred bullets, and was lying on the surface (the sand, as you might've guessed already). And then, he suddenly grabs a heavy (at least it looked heavy) land-mine and advances towards an enemy tank. The tank driver somehow tries to retreat (well, that's what heavy-duty tanks do when a severely injured person carrying a land mine with both hands advances in slow motion; opening fire is obviously not the default plan).

Our hero walked slightly slower than Dimple's movement mentioned here and went up to the tank; went past it; and placed the mine with utmost care behind the tank's wheels. The tank kept backing up, and got blasted into smithereens, taking our brave soldier as it perished.

The question is, what prompted this change of course? What made a man, totally down and out, recover and stage a comeback, hitherto unknown (well, if you exclude Mithunda and Rajnikant's moments of glory) to the nation?

Let's rewind to the scene. There he was, lying on the desert soil: and then, his face rose from the surface, drool and blood oozing from the corners of his lips; and then, he uttered those magic words: maaaaaaaaaaah, shaktheeeei (translates to maa, shakti! in Hindi and mum, power! in English)! Somehow I thought the immediate response to this would be that Milo ad, featuring a (decent-looking) housewife shouting Raaaaaahul, your Milo!

Of course, the willing mother granted his wish; power was granted immediately by some unknown osmosis, and the rest, as they say, is history.


  1. Look, everything is possible (read 'Fare') in Love and War! And specially, when it's a movie casting Sunny and Jackie and Suniel, no description is enough! However, write a post of Suniel Shetty in Aaghaaz. The famous Mirchi Scene!

  2. suneil is really very good in the movie.its among a very few movies of suneil shetty whc i liked specially the songs "to chaloon" and the khatwala song, i forgot the lyrics.The movie is nothing great but the passion shows whch is overwhelming.