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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Dictionaries suggest that the word deserve means having the right to something by virtue of an action or a quality. It's in our nature to brood about aspects of life we don't deserve. This might be evident from a short account of how frequently we have complained to ourselves or bore the hell out of everyone we find regarding commonplace stuff like irritating co-passengers, Salman Khan, high income taxes, lack of job satisfaction, mundane sex lives, Indian soccer, West Bengal politics, indigestion and voice quality on Tata Docomo handsets. The questions we don't ask of ourselves is: are we any better? What have we done to have deserved any better? What good are we? We're basically non-entities if you consider the vastness of space and time: what gives us the right to complain?

Let's ask ourselves something different for a change: what have we done to deserve lives as good as the ones we have? Let's take, for a change, life in a different perspective. Let us be happy, even overjoyed at having an aspect or two in life which we had done nothing to be worthy of. Let us be thankful, let us cherish life for being so gracious to us for rendering unto us something that special. I'm sure everyone has or shall find out that special something in their lives which they, at the bottom of their hearts, know what they aren't deserving of.

Let's celebrate life for being that good to us and laugh out loud, for once.


  1. I have a feeling the favourite past-time for many is to crib.
    At any given point of time ask any random person if he/she can write down 10 complications in his/her life & you would almost never get back the sheet empty.

    Being thankful & happy is great. But i came up with another alternative. What about not bothering & be just happy.

  2. good. Ei realisation ta makes us more positive towards life.One should always think this way otherwise shei purono kathatai shottyi hoye dnaraye je "Nadeer e par kohe chhariya nishshash o parete shorbo shukh amaar bishwas" and therefore leave us cribbing all the more.

  3. Well said...... food for thought..... I am gonna try & celebrate life & laugh out loud.. & NOT just ONCE...Thanks... I want you do the same too..

  4. life-e joto chap kom neowa jaay, life toto smooth hoy......Bindaas thhako and njoy koro.