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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IVplay at it's weirdest

Analog watches are essentially of two types - one with numbers from 1 to 12 printed on them, the other with Roman numerals. I've always liked numbers in all formats; I've liked playing with all of them; I've fallen in love with the most prominent of them all: 0, 1 and 42; I even love Roman numbers, Cs of Ms of them.

Which is why I feel agitated when some watch manufacturers replace the IV on the watches with a IIII. I mean, why that truckload of Is? Why the narcissism with all those extra Is? What's the point they're trying to prove over here? That IIII is more hep? More cool? Funkier? It looks more intelligent? Excuse me, the only feeling I get is that of severe annoyance.

Ages back someone had tried to explain to me that since we always get to look at IV and VI upside down, we tend to get confused between them. Which is, in my opinion, the weirdest thing I've ever heard. I still don't know of anyone, and by anyone I mean anyone, who has ever confused between four and six on a watch or a clock. Ever. Why, I've even seen watches with dots and lines for numbers, and have never found any difficulty in telling the time.

It beats me, this IIII business. Honestly.

PS: I own the watch on the picture. Possibly shows how filthy a hypocrite I am.


  1. oh well! now you are going to tell me that you never confused your 6's and 9's, or your W's and M's. right!! you know, there are people out there who love to not use their brains...and they need watches too.

  2. I must say, this heading is too good ;-)

  3. The heading is indeed toooooo good... & Btw, you are NOT a hypocrite...

  4. u own the watch in the pic? really? u gotta be kiddin.....n if u aren't then u r indeed a big fat hypocrite ;) the title of this post is really too good!!!!!!!!!!